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Futuria DME propels Calor’s 2040 vision

Calor Employees with Calor Vehicles
As part of the commitment we made to offer all our customers 100% sustainably sourced energy by 2040, we’ve launched Futuria DME fuel, also known as rDME or Renewable DME (Dimethyl-Ether).

Futuria DME

Futuria DME – part of Calor’s sustainable fuel portfolio known as Futuria - is a sustainable and low-carbon fuel produced from renewable and recycled carbon. It can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85%  compared to diesel and heating oil.  

Moreover, it can be produced from solid municipal waste which is put through a unique advanced gasification process. It can also be made from a wide range of waste and renewable feedstocks or renewable electricity, using existing technology – which means the sustainable production process can be scaled up rapidly.

The fuel emits no harmful particulates and much lower NOx and SOx than standard LPG, offering customers an immediate route to reduce their carbon intensity and lower adverse local air quality impacts, without requiring major investment in new energy systems. 


The Sustainable Energy Centre in Wednesbury, West Midlands, is being adapted to be a demonstration-scale Futuria DME production plant. It will have a production capacity of 4.5 tonnes/day and will be fully operational by 2023. 

In addition, Teesworks, in the North-East of England, is the site of the UK’s first commercial Futuria DME plant, with production expected to commence in 2024 with a full production capacity of 50k tonnes of Futuria DME per year. 

Futuria DME will be produced from local household non-recyclable rubbish, producing a low-carbon fuel that can be used by domestic, commercial and industrial off gas grid customers and promoting the circular use of resources.

Over the coming five years, Calor will demonstrate the use of Futuria DME across our off-grid customer base, and scale-up Futuria DME production to meet its ambition of supplying 100% sustainably sourced energy by 2040.

Calor Futuria

Calor Futuria was introduced this year as the new naming convention for Calor’s sustainable fuels portfolio, a key step in Calor’s journey to becoming a more sustainable business. As well as Futuria DME, Calor can also provide commercial customers with Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG). 

Futuria DME is chemically similar to LPG (propane & butane), and, like LPG, it is easily and safely transported as a liquid in pressurised cylinders and tanks. 

We believe Futuria DME has significant potential to help achieve our ambitions to be a leader in sustainable energy. As attention on the ways businesses can reduce their impact on the environment rightly intensifies, we remain committed to delivering customers the sustainable fuel options of today, and tomorrow.