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Creating a Cosy Christmas

Christmas decorations on a fireplace in a rural home

As the festive period starts, you’ll find yourself more likely to stay indoors and enjoy the warmth of your home.

If you’re going to be spending all that time at home during Christmas, then why not turn it into a cosy haven? Whether you live in a sleepy cottage out in the countryside, or a terrace on the edge of town, transform your home into a welcoming retreat for your friends and family this Christmas. Katie Munn, Head of Marketing at Calor, gives her advice on making your home a Christmas comfort zone.

“An easy way to bring festive cheer to your home is by hanging a wreath on your front door. Wreaths are available in a multitude of different styles and they’re a great way to add some traditional flair to the front of your home. People often use lots of lights to adorn their home during the festive season, but a wreath is subtler and more refined. Having a go at making your own wreath is a great chance to get creative and be environmentally-friendly at the same time.

“Once you’re in your home, one of the first things you would notice is the smell. Christmas time is a great reason to fill your home with scents and fragrances that invoke a sense of warmth and nostalgia. This can be done with diffuser sticks and candles, the latter of which also helps build a relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for entertaining over the festive period. Aromas like pumpkin, spice and apple are easy to find and are very suiting of the season. If you’re feeling more adventurous a gingerbread candle brings a spicy and warm scent that brings back memories of fresh baking.

“If you have a fireplace, they’re a perfect location to create a festive centrepiece in your home. It’s a key focal point for Christmas, as you’ll find yourself gathering around it with friends and family to share stories, reflect on the year and relax. Placing ornaments and decorations across the mantle is a simple way to add to your fireplace without it being overwhelming. Sticking to a theme helps with this too, such as a traditional look involving fir garlands and pine cones. It’s also the area of the home most associated with Father Christmas and if you have young children, placing stockings and creating a pleasant place for when Santa comes down the chimney is a great way to get them involved in the decorating.

“If you have an open log burning fireplace, ensure nothing can fall into the area and potentially cause a hazard. A gas fire or a stove provides a safer place to decorate around, and you can run your gas fire on clean energy this year with Calor BioLPG – a more sustainable gas source that uses a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials for a greener energy.

“And during the festive period when you’re spending more time at home, the last thing you want is a Christmas heating disaster, so make sure you take a few steps to keep everything running smoothly. Firstly, make sure that your boiler has been fully serviced, to avoid any problems over the holiday season when engineers will be harder to get hold of. On top of this, try bleeding your radiators to keep them in top condition and pumping that heat around the home. This will help to get rid of any cold spots found at the top of the radiator which could indicate that you’ve got air trapped in them.

“Add some draft excluders to any doors or windows where you might be feeling some cooler air creeping in and make sure you’ve got some Carbon Monoxide alarms in the house. During Christmas when the central heating is on or there’s a beautiful a roaring fire going, it’s important to have these in place to protect you and the family. You can even get a Christmassy draft excluder to keep the festive theme throughout your home.

“Coming home to a warm home is one of the best feelings you can have during these cold, wintery months. But waiting for the heating to come on can leave you with a chilly house after work. This winter, have your heating set to come on when you get back from work or Christmas shopping. This means you can keep your home a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank on your energy bills.

“Setting your time control for the heating to come on half an hour before you wake up and go off half an hour before you go to bed is important to stay toasty and save on gas. With Calor LPG, we keep an eye on your gas levels and a transmitter lets us know when you’re running low so we can schedule your next delivery. This means you can have peace of mind over Christmas, and just enjoy your cosy home without fear of running out of LPG or BioLPG Gas.”