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Colouring at home with kids

You’ve ticked off every quarantine-friendly activity under the sun. Board games? Check. Painted the shed? Check. Hoovered for the fifth time this week? Check. By now, your activity list may be running a little dry. So, we’ve put together these fun drawings for you and your little ones to get creative with. 

Colouring activities are a fantastic way to keep children busy whilst you potter around the house. Colouring has heaps of benefits, including improving focus and allowing you to switch off. And, it’s not just for kids. Many Brits are incorporating colouring into their night-time routine to help them relax when their head hits the pillow. 

A lot of us at Calor have already started colouring into the sheets and here are some of the lovely creations from the kids and adults of the Calor family! We’d love to see your colouring masterpieces as well, so whether it’s a solo pursuit, or you’re teaming up with your little one, get colouring with Calor. You can find a variety of different pictures to choose from right here. Please do take a quick snap of your picture and email them to us at:

We look forward to seeing your creations!