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Can you save money with an LPG tumble dryer?

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Can you save money with an LPG tumble dryer?
Summer has officially arrived! That means more time in the garden, more trips to the beach and more camping breaks.

They’re all great fun – but the mud, sand and water also means more dirty clothes. If your washing line is struggling to keep up with your demands, a tumble dryer is a welcome solution.

Many tumble dryers use electricity, however they can be highly inefficient and expensive to run.

A great alternative is a gas tumble dryer. Tumble drying on gas saves both energy and money, and it’s better for the planet too. It doesn’t matter if you live in a rural area without access to mains gas, you can still benefit from gas tumble drying, by using Calor’s LPG version.

To find out more, read on.

Why an LPG Tumble Dryer?

If you’re one of the 2 million homeowners who aren’t connected to the mains, an LPG tumble dryer is a really useful appliance to have in your home. Here’s why.

Standard tumble dryers operate solely on electricity, whereas LPG models use liquefied petroleum gas to dry the clothes and a tiny amount of electricity to power the drum. This offers you some big advantages. LPG tumble dryers cost approximately 25% less to run than their electric counterparts as you’re actually using less than 10% of the total electricity used by a standard electric dryer.

LPG Tumble Dryers – Big Eco Credentials

Even better news – it’s not just your wallet that benefits from having a gas tumble dryer, it’s the environment too. Calor’s LPG dryers have an energy rating of ‘A’ – which is considerably better than standard tumble dryers, which are rated as ‘C’ on average.

What does that mean, in real terms? It means that gas dryers are sometimes over 40% more energy-efficient than electric models, which is great news in ecological terms.

Protecting Your Clothes

No-one likes their clothes getting damaged through frequent tumble drying. Unlike conventional tumble dryers, gas tumble dryers don’t get so much static build-up; which means reduced impact on your garments, towels and bedding. The result? Your tumble-dried fabrics experience less damage, and last longer.

Additionally, Calor’s LPG tumble dryers have a reverse tumble action, which means it’s even less likely that your clothes will become creased and tangled.

Which LPG Dryer?

Calor currently stock two ranges of LPG tumble dryers, available in white or black. Both ranges have an impressive 7kg capacity, ‘A’ energy rating, and come with a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The LPG-eco 86 AW model has the added benefit of automatically switching off when the selected dryness is reached, which means even more money and energy saved, compared to other timer-controlled models.

If you already have a Calor gas system at home, then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s easy to connect your gas tumble dryer to your existing LPG supply. However, if you haven’t got an LPG home heating system, or aren’t planning to install one in the near future, don’t worry!  Our LPG dryers can be powered by Calor Gas bottles – which can be purchased online or from your local stockist.

You can browse our range of gas dryers here or from a local Calor centre.