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Your Partner For Off-Grid Customers

A Calor employee holding a tool bag and walking towards a Calor customer’s house
At Calor, we’re committed to making things seamless when it comes to supplying gas to those living and working in off-grid areas. Installers and heating engineers play a key role in making this happen. That’s why when an installer recommends us to a homeowner or business who then signs a supply agreement with us, we make sure that this referral does not go unnoticed. 
When we receive a lead from an installer, our internal sales team will contact your customer within approximately 24 hours to discuss storage options and pricing with them.

If the home or business owner chooses us to supply their LPG, we’ll send them a contract for providing a bulk tank. Once the customer has signed this, we’ll arrange a site survey with them. If their property is big, or the customer is a commercial business, we’ll organise for a representative to visit the site to carry out a survey straightaway.  

After the site survey, we’ll sort out fitting the bulk tank and external pipework that supplies LPG to their property. Once that’s done, and all the equipment is installed, we’ll deliver the first supply of gas to the site. From there onwards, the installer can commission the LPG boiler and heating system, and of course, send us an invoice so that we can reward them for recommending Calor. 

We will always be on hand for the customer if they have any questions or problems with their Calor gas supply or tanks. If they need help with maintaining, servicing or repairing their LPG boiler, heating system and gas appliances, they can rely on their trusted heating engineer to get them back up and running. 

In fact, when customers are looking for a heating engineer for an LPG boiler installation, we direct them to our Installer Finder tool so that they can find members of our Boiler Installer scheme. Afterall, it’s all about helping installers to boost their revenue and making it a win-win for them, us and our mutual customers.

If you are an installer and would like to join our Boiler Installer community, visit https://www.calor.co.uk/installer/why-join-our-scheme