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Calor donates cloth bags to Prince Phillip Hospital

Calor donates to Prince Philip Hospital
Calor were delighted to donate 200 canvas bags to staff at Prince Phillip Hospital in Wales, allowing them to safely pack away and wash their used uniform at the end of a busy shift. 

Alongside many staff at Prince Phillip Hospital, Physiotherapist, Ben Matthews, previously placed his uniform in a plastic bag at the end of a shift to avoid any Covid-19 contamination when he returned home from his ward. Concerned about the environmental impact of using and disposing numerous plastic bags, both Ben and his wife, Kelly Matthews, searched for a better solution. Kelly reached out to her friends on Facebook and asked if anyone could help donate canvas bags to the hospital.

Calors donation to Prince Philip Hospital

Kelly Matthews comments on reaching out for these bags: “When I took to Facebook to see if my friends had any spare bags, Steph Young messaged me to let me know her husband, Alex, who is a National Accounts Specialist at Calor, may be able to help. Alex and the team at Calor were kind enough to donate 200 canvas bags for staff at Prince Phillip Hospital. We were so pleased with how helpful Steph, Alex and the team at Calor were to make this possible. Washing clothes using canvas bags, which have potentially been exposed to Covid-19, is a really simple way to help keep staff and families safe. It really has made a difference.”

Many staff at the hospital now pack away their uniform into these Calor canvas bags and pop them straight into the wash. This is a fantastic way to keep staff and their family safe.    

Alex Young, National Accounts Specialist at Calor, comments on the donation: “Steph brought to my attention Kelly’s appeal for the cloth bags, so I reached out to our team at Calor see if we had a small number spare bags to donate. Calor surpassed my expectations and donated over 200. I’m pleased to be part of an initiative local to me, helping to support the NHS’ staff who are doing a wonderful job.”

Calor are so pleased they could help Prince Phillip Hospital and their inspiring staff who do an incredible job on the front line to fight Covid-19.