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Our Auto-ordering does the thinking for you
So you can spend your time doing what matters most

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Free time is for bubbling up adventures - it's not for ordering gas

Auto-ordering automatically tells us when a top-up is needed; we'll schedule your delivery, so you don't have to

Curl up with those chapters. Pack your bags for that city break. Whatever your special moments are, savour them. Every single minute. And we’ll spend the time taking care of your home energy.

Here's how this clever technology works...

We'll keep an eye on your gas levels

When you switch to Auto-ordering, we'll install a content gauge to the top of your gas tank which continuously monitors your usage. The transmitter sends a signal to our central computers, alongside your current gas level and usage, which allows us to schedule your next delivery when you're running low.

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It's delivery day

All set. Your driver is ready for the day. Sarnies tucked away for later. Your home energy stored safely in the back. Not long until your driver will pull up to your home and refill your energy.

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Whilst you rewind, we'll refill

Bliss. Your home energy is topped-up. And you've not lifted a finger.

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Get your personalised home energy quote at the touch of a button

(It's quicker than making a brew)