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A Calor employee speaking to a couple about their home energy options

Switching to LPG process

Make the easy switch

We're here to make the switch to LPG nice and easy

No matter which energy supply you're switching from

From our first chat, to installing your gas supply – we’ll make sure everything runs smoothly. Here's our switching process and how we make it so simple, from start to finish.

Switching to LPG

Let's get the ball rollin'

Send us an email or give us a call for your personalised home energy quote.

A couple sitting at their dining table, looking at their tablet

We'll have a chat about your home energy

We’d love to have a chat with you about your home energy requirements. Either give us a call or send us an email and we'll contact you to discuss your options. Our energy specialists will advise you on your gas storage options and the location of your gas storage. We like things to be fuss-free for you, so we’ll sort out the rest.

A man calling about his home energy options

Pop the kettle on! We'll be over in a jiffy

Every home is different, so we like to make sure you have the right energy solution. To make sure you get the best solution, our home energy experts will arrange a visit to your home to check space and access for your gas storage.

A cafetera italiana on a LPG powered hob

Time for your new LPG boiler!

Your local LPG qualified boiler installer will recommend the most suitable LPG boiler for your needs. We’ll work closely with them, from start to finish, to ensure a seamless installation experience.

A side view of a Calor employee, standing with a tape measure

We'll install everything for you

Next, our experts will install your LPG storage and external pipework for your home energy.

A Calor employee holding a tool bag and walking towards a Calor customer’s house

Let's get the show on the road

Now for the exciting part – providing you with LPG for your home energy. Once everything is installed and ready to go, we’ll organise your first gas delivery. What’s more, our clever Auto-ordering technology will let us know when you next need a delivery. And that’s that – your simple switch to LPG.

A Calor employee filling an underground tank with LPG