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Calor Delivery Information

National delivery information

Current delivery status

Please order when your gas level reaches 25% to enable us to deliver your gas before you run out. Delivery timescales are currently at least 14 days from order for On-Demand customers. Auto Ordering customers, please see below. 

All bulk deliveries will be sent to your home or business by your local Calor Operations Centre (COC). 

On-Demand customers – When your tank level reads 25% please place an order to fill up your tank. You can do this via Calor Account Online, or by contacting your local Calor Operations Centre (COC). 

Auto-ordering customers – We will schedule your delivery when you need it, based on your historic usage, you may have lower than usual levels of LPG in your tank by the time we deliver. If your tank levels are below 10% then please call your local Calor Operations Centre (COC).