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Renewable. Sustainable. The gas with a greener twist. Kinder to our environment, BioLPG is made from a blend of sustainably sourced materials. Our greener gas powers up all LPG products, is chemically identical to LPG, shares LPG's energy efficiency and is delivered in exactly the same way. So, they’ll be no faff if you switch over to the greener side. It's simple. We’ll send a new agreement your way and, just like that, you'll be on a renewable tariff. If reducing your emissions strikes your fancy, let’s start the conversation about your greener future today

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Going greener just makes sense, so we offer our customers a Green Energy Plan with BioLPG. If you have a bulk tank and you have 12 months or more left on your contract, you can easily make the greener switch. If you have less than 12 months on your contract, we can have a chat about your options.

Our Green Energy Plan comes as a blend of 40% BioLPG and 60% conventional LPG.1 This means that 40% of the energy you receive will be renewable. We add BioLPG to our existing LPG network and when you sign up for our Green Energy Plan, your energy is traced back through the Green Gas Certification Scheme.

Switch today and let the emission savings do the talking. To be a part of our greener future and reduce your carbon emissions by 15%, just fill in our Calor customer form. 2

If you are running low on gas; we would recommend conserving your remaining gas as much as possible. As always, our recommendation for those who manually order gas is to place an order when your tank reaches 25%. For customers using our Auto-ordering technology, we will schedule your delivery as soon as possible, but you may have lower than usual levels of LPG in your tank by the time we deliver. If you have any concerns, please contact your local depot, and be assured that we’re doing all we can to reach customers as quickly as possible.
Please find your local Calor operations centre on our help and support page. 
If the gas level reaches zero, the tank's safety valve closes. During delivery, if someone is in the property, our driver will reset this valve, but due to safety practices if no one is in the driver will leave a leaflet explaining the simple stages to reset the tank valve.

1 For home energy users, BioLPG is mixed with conventional LPG in a 40% BioLPG/ 60% conventional LPG mix, meaning you'll be on a 40% renewable energy plan.

2 Atlantic Consulting 2017. Greenhouse Gas savings for Calor BioLPG varies according to the feedstock used. The minimum Carbon savings made vs conventional propane is 15% and up to 32% based on a blend of 60% BioLPG and 40% conventional propane.