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We're working hard to ensure that our business is sustainable in an ever-changing world


As a company, we’re committed to operating sustainably. This means we work hard to ensure that our operations, customer propositions and innovation programmes consider sustainability as an integral part of their design.

Sustainability at Calor

Calor’s sustainability principles

Calor is committed to, and investing in, a sustainable future across five areas of our business, promoting a balanced consideration of economic, social and environmental factors in all business activities. 

SHV Energy’s sustainability goals

Calor is part of SHV Energy, a group of global companies, which has a vision to be Better, Cleaner, Together. By focusing our combined strengths, we can deliver a better-performing business, help achieve a cleaner planet and unite SHV Energy people working together to achieve these goals. Read SHV's Sustainability report.

Sustainability report

Each year Calor appraises its efforts in terms of sustainability and compiles our progress and achievements into a sustainability report. It includes information on our carbon footprint, our efforts to improve the business’ sustainability and how Calor contributes to the local communities, in which it operates.

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The Future of Rural Energy (FREE) is Calor’s flagship initiative to help tackle fuel poverty and promote effective energy efficiency advice and behaviours in off-gas grid communities across rural Britain. Since 2010 Calor has been working with a range of expert partners, as well as directly with rural communities, to raise awareness of, and find solutions to, rural fuel poverty, and bring independent energy efficiency advice to off-gas grid households across Britain. 

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Carbon Trust

Calor is proud to have the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon, which recognises our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. We have held the standard since 2011 and to achieve it, the Carbon Trust assesses our carbon performance in three key areas: carbon footprint measurement, carbon management and carbon reduction performance. We submit for re-certification every two years, with the next certification due in December 2016.

Sustainability memberships

Calor is a member of numerous sustainability organisations. We do this so that we can learn from others’ best practice ideas as well as push the sustainability agenda with government and other authorities as part of an industry wide collaborative group.

Corporate sustainability policies

Calor adheres to a range of policies and guidance statements that are designed to ensure we operate responsibly. We do this by setting a framework in our annual objectives, our actions and decision making. 

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