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A side view of a Calor lorry driving through the countryside

Our Planet

Being environmentally responsible is fundamental to our business

We're also well aware that we need to change in order to play our part in decarbonising the way we live 

Our parent company, SHV Energy, have committed to their sustainability strategy, alongside a pledge to supply 100% renewable energy by 2040. In order to make sure that we’re operating with as low an impact as possible, we set ourselves targets and performance indicators, so we know how we’re doing. These targets include ones relating to carbon, waste and energy efficiency.

A beautiful sunset over a rural green landscape.


SHV Energy has set a target of 25% carbon reduction by 2025. This ambitious target means we track our carbon emissions, not only for our own activities, but also for those associated with using our products. This encourages us to do all we can to reduce our customers' carbon footprint.


Reducing the amount of waste generated as a business also means saving money. We try to address waste minimisation as the first step in our resource efficiency plans; and use a target for our recycling rate to encourage the right behaviour when it comes to unavoidable waste that we generate. 

Calor lorry driving across a bridge

Energy Efficiency

As a distribution company, the energy efficiency of our vehicles is very important from an environmental and a cost perspective. Calor is actively investing in alternative fuels; such as LPG and BioLPG, and alternative vehicles to reduce our impact on the environment and local air quality. We're also sponsors of Air Quality News; and vocal participants at events focused on cleaner air, such as Freight in the City and the Air Quality Awards.