Calor gas - the ideal fuel for farming

A cleaner,greener and more versatile energy source for agriculture - and all without paying a premium!

Farming with gas

Calor gas provides a cleaner, greener, versatile energy source for farmers – whether it’s for heating poultry sheds or greenhouses, drying crops or burning weeds.


Discover the benefits of Calor gas for poultry rearing

Game rearing

Learn why we’re the leading supplier in the game rearing field

Crop drying

Discover how LPG’s versatility and controllability make it ideal for crop drying

Farm diversification

Calor gas is a low carbon, clean energy for your farm diversification project.


Improve your yields a clean, green and economical way with Calor gas

Weed burning

Get rid of unwanted weeds and prepare the soil without the use of chemicals