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Choose a hassle-free fuel supply from Calor - you focus on the business and leave the energy to us!

Business energy

Our business is your business. Or, to be more precise, our aim is to enable you to get on with your business without having to worry about your fuel supply. Whatever your line of work, you can rely on Calor.

Switching business LPG supplier

Find out just how easy it is to switch to Calor gas

Switching fuels

Learn more about the benefits of Calor gas and how easy it is to switch

About Calor

Discover the history, parent company and brand values behind Calor

Commercial boiler and heating solutions

Find out how Calor gas lends itself to every type of commercial heating requirement

Engineering services

Learn more about the support we can provide for your business – every step of the way

Calor LNG

Calor LNG; a new energy solution for commercial industrial. Natural gas, off the grid

LPG explained

Learn more about what LPG is and its benefits