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A Calor lorry driving in between green meadows in the countryside

Calor in partnership with Liquid Gas UK

A common goal

Working together to benefit our customers and the environment

Liquid Gas UK is a Trade Association that represents companies that operate in the LPG and BioLPG industry within the UK. 

Dedicated to the safe and effective development of LPG, Liquid Gas UK focuses on the role LPG plays in providing low carbon heat and energy for homes and businesses off the mains gas grid. 

Calor works together with Liquid Gas UK to ensure we facilitate LPG switches between competitive suppliers that deliver requirements in a professional way that benefit our customers and our industry.

Formally known as UKLPG, Liquid Gas UK rebranded in 2019, marking the industry’s ambition to achieve a greener future, aiming to provide 100% renewable products (such as BioPropane) by 2040.

At Calor, we share Liquid Gas UK’s 2040 goal, offering our customers renewable energy solutions with BioLPG.

Mathew Hickin, Calor CEO talking at Liquid Gas UK event

In 2019, Matthew Hickin, Calor’s CEO, took on the role as Chair of Liquid Gas UK. 

“For more than 80 years, LPG has been a key part of the UK energy mix and going forward we believe that LPG and BioLPG can support UK and Devolved Government’s commitments to decarbonise across a variety of sectors…”Mathew Hickin

Calor are proud to be closely aligned with a trade association who shares our sustainability goals. This marks not only a clear and decisive step towards a more environmentally friendly industry today, but a needed push towards a greener tomorrow.