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If you have a customer interested in Calor LPG, your local Calor salesperson will be happy to advise on the most suitable storage option with a face-to-face visit to the customer’s home.

We manage the specifying, siting and installation of the tank or cylinders and external pipework. However it may be useful for you to familiarise yourself with the storage options we offer and their potential suitability for your customer. 

Smart storage solutions

Underground tank

If your customer would prefer to have their tank hidden from view an under ground tank is ideal. The only thing that is visible in the garden is a handy green cover that provides access to our delivery driver when it's time to refill the tank. For this extra benefit we can place your customer’s tank underground for only £1500.

Above ground tank

An above ground gas tank is ideal for most locations. The tank is installed on a concrete or prefabricated base, and can usually be screened on one side by shrubbery (your Calor rep will be able to advise you on this on a case by case basis). In addition, if you have a customer switching to Calor from another fuel type, an above ground tank is free to install.


Our 4-pack cylinder installation is a compact alternative to a gas tank – ideal if there isn’t space for a bulk tank, your customer has a smaller heating demand, or there is any restricted access to the property. 4 x 47kg cylinders are connected in two pairs, so when one pair is empty, the change-over valve automatically switches to the second pair, giving a continuous gas supply.

Some things to consider when at a customer’s property

  • Is there suitable access for the gas to be delivered?
  • Is there room for the tank to be positioned 3m or more away from buildings, and boundaries and any source of ignition?
  • Can the driver reach the tank from his vehicle (the gas tanker has a hose length 30 meters)?
  • Can the tank be sited 1.5m away from overhead electricity cables?
  • Discuss any tank screening options with your local rep
  • If you are servicing an LPG boiler, it may be worth suggesting to the customer they also complete an LPG pipework check 

For further information, please download our Storage Specification sheet. 

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