We’re currently experiencing cylinder availability issues due to higher demand and restricted supply. Some cylinder sizes are unavailable or limited to exchange only. Calor Centres are closed to the public. Please read our full statement.

Pack up your troubles...

The big move taking its toll? We get it – moving can be stressful! But we're here to help

Whether you’re moving in or out of a Calor gas supplied home, or you’re interested in knowing more about living off-grid with us, we’re here to make sure that it’s as worry-free as possible.

Moving in with us

Welcome to the clan!

If you've moved into a home already supplied by us, we'd like to say hi

Let's get everything up and running for you. If your home has it's own tank, please contact us here. If you're on a metered estate, please get in touch here. We can quickly set up your account and organise your next gas delivery.

Moving out of a home with a Calor supply

Moving out?

We hope you enjoyed your time with us!

To let us know that you're moving, simply contact us. That way, a member of our friendly team can close your account.

Moving to a rural location

A step in the right direction

Are you planning on moving off-grid, away from the hustle and bustle?

We don’t blame you. And whilst you’ll no longer be on mains gas, we have some good news... With LPG, you’ll have the all the familiarities of mains gas but in your new countryside setting.

LPG can be used for heating, hot water, cooking and gas fires. It’ll be difficult to spot the difference. You can even hide your LPG tank underground, so you can really appreciate your new rural countryside views.

What’s more, we offer renewable BioLPG exclusively from Calor, meaning you can go green without investing in expensive renewable technologies.

Even if your new home uses oilelectricity or solid fuel, we will quickly sort out your switch to LPG.

So let's get the show on the road. To discuss your options, please contact us.