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LPG gas for new build properties

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Even if you’re without access to a main gas supply, we offer all the controllability and convenience of mains gas for heating and cooking. LPG emits around 20% less CO2 per kWh than heating oil.1 And, if you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint even further, we even have renewable Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG) available exclusively to our customers.

We’re big believers of making life easier for you. From offering Auto-ordering technology which schedules a delivery when your gas is running low, to providing endless support whenever you need any help – we’re here to ensure you have a seamless experience. 


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Why LPG? 

Come home to all the comforts of gas 

  • Auto Top-Up automatically orders fuel to your home when you're running low
  • Cook on an instant, controllable flame
  • Opt for our 40% renewable energy plan with Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG)
  • Our personal approach makes installation easy

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The switching process

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Off-grid home energy can be complicated. But at Calor, we’ve spent 85 years keeping it simple. Our team of experts will steer you through the switch, from siting your tank to connecting your gas, and everything in between. And it doesn’t end there, we pride ourselves on safety and we’ll regularly monitor your tank to ensure it’s in tip top condition.

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Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG)

We're thinking about the future, today

Advance towards a greener tomorrow by upgrading to Calor Green, our lowest carbon emission energy plan, featuring our renewable Futuria Liquid Gas. One step at a time, and with your help, this could lead to something incredible. Let's reduce carbon emissions, together.

Storage options

The world's your oyster

There's no tough choices here. We've got a range of storage solutions to fit in with your home and your lifestyle. Find out more about your options and their siting requirements.


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Free time is for getting up to no good - it's not for ordering gas

Auto-ordering automatically tells us when a top-up of gas is needed; we'll schedule your delivery, so you don't have to

Cooking on gas

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Let's tuck into that scrummy dinner

You’re a cooking sensation. Chef apron firmly tied. Cookbook open. Bookmark slotted on that fancy dish. Cooking on gas with an instant heat and a controllable flame gives you that added je ne sais quoi in the kitchen. And, because most popular gas cookers can be easily converted into LPG cookers, you won’t have to scrimp on style. So even if it’s a classic spag bol for dinner, or you’re rooting for something a little more va-va-voom – an LPG flame will do the trick.

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A hot pie cooked with an LPG cooker

What our customers think

A Calor customer is sitting at his dining table, discussing the benefits of LPG for larger properties like his own.
"There are other companies out there, but Calor are nationwide. I think Calor gas are perfect in a situation where there is no mains gas supply"
Mr Buxton
Two of Calor’s customers are sitting down on a sofa in their home. One of the customers is Louis Deacon, a former English professional Rugby Union player
"I wanted to feel like we were on mains gas. It was a simple decision in the end."
Louis Deacon
Two Calor customers sitting comfortably on their sofa in their home
"We were struggling with oil in terms of cost for a while – we had an old oil boiler and it wasn't hugely efficient... We've found the new LPG system to be more efficient"
Bob Sproson and Annie Haskins
One of Calor’s customers is standing in his kitchen, sharing his experiences with Calor.
We've lost an oil tank that was in the way and not very pretty. The underground LPG tank offers something that's out of sight and something we can depend on.
John Ball

Frequently asked questions

We’ll own and maintain your tank – meaning there’ll be one less thing for you to worry about.

Because nobody ever had too much time.

Our Auto-ordering technology works by fitting a content gauge to the top of your tank, which continuously monitors your usage. When you're running low, the transmitter sends a GSM signal to our central computers, alongside your current gas level and usage, which allows us to schedule your next delivery when you need one.

There's no charge for Auto-ordering and it’s available for both our above ground and underground tanks.

Once you've accepted a quote, we'll arrange for an energy expert to visit your home. They’ll help you to identify the perfect solution for you and arrange a convenient time to install.

While our timescales can vary, we'll always do our best to install your gas as quickly as possible. And where needed, we can provide temporary gas solutions for your home energy.

Whilst we'll take care of everything outside, you'll need a trusty LPG Installer to fit your new boiler and hook everything up inside. You can find one through our quote tool, or by using our handy LPG Boiler Installer tool.

We've got a storage solution to match every home and family, so that you can enjoy every inch of your home. You can read about them here. But don't worry - our energy experts will advise and assist every step of the way.

In the UK, natural gas is supplied to more than 21 million homes via the mains gas network. It’s the most popular fuel for heating and cooking. However, 4 million homes are located off-grid and therefore don’t have access to mains gas.


Calor supplies LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) and Futuria Liquid Gas to off-grid homes and businesses, sourced from various parts of the UK and abroad. Once received, the gas is transported to our sizeable storage reserves in Immingham and Canvey which can hold a combined 90,000 tonnes of LPG. These gases are versatile and can be used for heating, hot water and cooking.

*table provided by kind permission of GemServe based on emission factor calculations prepared by BEIS 2021. This percentage is based on mass balancing 40% Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG) and 60% LPG.​