LPG Metered Estates Information and advice.

LPG Metered Estates

Metered LPG estates are a popular choice for housing developments in areas without access to the mains gas network. Here at Calor, we supply many homes across the country with their gas through a central supply on the development with each home having an individual meter.

If your property is currently on a metered LPG supply with another LPG supplier, and you’re interested in switching to us, contact our dedicated metered estate switching team to arrange a free, no obligation appointment to discuss your options.

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Communal supply

Common with rural developments, homeowners can share a communal LPG bulk tank, with the gas distributed through a network of pipes – just like mains gas. Tanks can be hidden underground, so it feels like you’re on mains gas

Automatic delivery

Our clever automatic top-up technology tells us when the site is running low, so we’ll automatically schedule a delivery, meaning you don’t have to order your gas.

Gas appliances

There’s more to LPG than just heating and hot water. It can also fuel a range of household appliances, including LPG tumble dryers, fixed fires, and BBQs (all of which can be run off the main supply if required) – plus for cooking it gives you a real flame for instant and controllable heat and the reassurance of an additional fuel other than electricity in case of a power cut.

Metered Estate FAQs

Where is the gas stored?

Homes on a LPG metered estate often share a storage tank (above or underground) located in a central location on the development. The LPG is distributed from the tank through underground pipes to each property.

How is it delivered?

Calor’s metered estate tanks are fitted with a telemetry unit which monitors the levels of gas in the tank and sends us regular readings so we know when to schedule the next delivery. So, just like being on mains gas, you and your neighbours should never run out, or have to worry about ordering it.

How am I billed?

As each property on a Calor metered estates is fitted with a meter, this records the amount of gas used by your home and you are billed accordingly.

Can I switch supplier?

It is possible to switch supplier if you live on a metered estate, however, this has to be a group decision. To find out more about switching your LPG supplier, please contact us to book a free, no obligation site survey to discuss options.