Heat your Home with Calor BioLPG

Introducing BioLPG - The greener, more sustainable way to heat your home. 

BioLPG is an innovative new fuel that is created from 100% renewable materials, allowing you to fuel your home whilst reducing your carbon footprint from home heating by at least 15% compared to conventional LPG*, without any upfront costs. 

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What is BioLPG?

Domestic BioLPG is made from a blend of ethically sourced feedstocks, waste residues and sustainably sourced vegetable oils, and because it’s chemically identical to conventional LPG, you won’t need to upgrade your heating system or pay any upfront costs to switch. BioLPG will be available to home energy customers later this year on a 40% renewable Green Tariff - meaning that 40% of the LPG you'll receive will be from a 100% renewable source.

What can BioLPG be used for?

As the chemical structure of Bio-LPG is the same as conventional LPG, it can be used to heat your home or fuel other LPG appliances such as cookers and gas fires, with no impact on performance, and with no need to change your existing appliances.

Benefits of BioLPG

What is BioLPG ?

BioLPG is produced using a mix of renewable and waste material. Conventional propane is produced from fossil fuels. BioLPG, however, is created from a mix of renewable, waste, residue and vegetable oil feedstocks.  Approximately 60% are waste and residues whilst the remaining 40% are sustainably sourced vegetable oils. Its chemical structure is identical to conventional propane and therefore in use is identical meaning that you do not need to change your existing LPG equipment

How is BioLPG made?

BioLPG is a co-product of the biodiesel production process. During manufacturing the feedstocks undergo a series of complex treatments and are combined with hydrogen in a process called hydrogenolysis which separates and purifies their energy content. During the refining process a variety of waste ‘off-gases’ are produced that contain propane or BioLPG. For every tonne of biodiesel, 50 kg of BioLPG is generated from this off gas stream. This co-product is then purified to make it identical to conventional propane.

By whom and where is Calor’s BioLPG produced?

The BioLPG supplied by Calor via our parent company SHV Energy is produced by Neste, the world leader in advanced biofuels. It is manufactured in a custom built new production unit in Rotterdam and is a co-product of the ground breaking NEXBTL biodiesel production process.

Can I use BioLPG with my existing appliances, such as boiler and cooker?

Yes. Since BioLPG is identical to conventional propane, you can run all your usual LPG appliances on BioLPG.

What % of BioLPG is renewable?

For home energy users, the BioLPG is mixed with conventional LPG in a 40% BioLPG / 60% conventional propane mix, meaning that 40% of your fuel will be completely renewable and sustainable.

* Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by at least 15% vs conventional LPG - Greenhouse Gas savings for Calor BioLPG vary according to the feedstocks used. The minimum Carbon saving made is 15% and up to 32% based on a blend of 60% BioLPG and 40% conventional propane.