Using Calor Patio gas

We all love outdoor living, whether it be rustling up something tasty on the BBQ, doing a spot of gardening or just relaxing in the evening under the warmth of a patio heater.

Calor Patio gas helps you get the most out of your garden, but in order to fully enjoy alfresco life and stay safe at the same time, here are some simple guidelines that should be followed at all times.

When using Calor Patio gas DO...

  • Treat cylinders with care to prevent damage to valves
  • Keep cylinders in an upright position
  • Return cylinders when they’re empty or not in use for long periods
  • Read the instructions and labels provided with appliances and keep them for reference
  • Keep your gas appliances clean and have them serviced regularly
  • Only use BBQs and patio heaters outdoors
  • Position patio heaters in areas shielded from the wind

When using Calor Patio gas DON'T

  • Subject a cylinder to heat - it could build pressure inside to unsafe levels
  • Try to disconnect a regulator from the cylinder if the flame doesn’t go out when turned off
  • Modify your gas appliance
  • Obstruct access to cylinders

By keeping to these basic rules, you can safely use Calor Patio gas to cook up delicious food on the BBQ or enjoy the chilly evenings in the garden by keeping warm under your patio heater.

For diagrams of how to connect and disconnect Patio gas bottles, please read our 'Using Calor Patio gas safely' PDF, which also includes useful information on carbon monoxide, flexible hoses and advice for emergencies.