Connecting and disconnecting your gas BBQ

We all love getting our gas BBQs out and ready for a summer of grilling, here you can remind yourself about how to connect and disconnect your gas safely.

Connecting your Calor patio gas bottle

We recommend the use of a 5kg bottle of patio gas for gas BBQ's with 3 burners or less and the 13kg patio gas bottle to fuel gas BBQs with 4 burners or more. All sizes of our patio gas bottles have a 27mm valve, which should therefore only be used with 27mm clip on regulators to connect to your BBQ.

Most gas BBQ appliances come with a hose and regulator included, however it is always worth checking that the regulator provided is the right size before following these instructions to connect your patio gas to your BBQ:

  • There is no protective cap on patio gas bottles, so ensure that the top of the valve is clean and free from debris.
  • With the regulator switch starting in the off position, place it down onto the gas bottle valve and press downwards firmly until you hear the audible ‘click’, which indicates that the regulator is firmly in place.
  • Next, turn the gas on/off switch anti-clockwise a quarter until it reaches the on position to turn the gas on ready to use your BBQ.
  • Remember to always turn the switch back to the off position as soon as you’ve finished using your BBQ.

Disconnecting your Calor patio gas bottle

When you have finished barbecuing and are ready to disconnect your patio gas bottle, follow these simple instructions:

  • First, turn the regulator switch back to its off position before you try to disconnect it.
  • Next, press the ‘push’ button on the lower part of the regulator and lift it from the gas bottle valve.

General safety advice for using your BBQ gas bottle

  • Try to position your patio gas cylinder and hose away from the BBQ grill to avoid hot meat juices from spitting or dripping onto the hose.
  • Never remove or replace your gas cylinder or equipment whilst your BBQ is alight.
  • After you’ve finished cooking and the BBQ has been switched off, wait a few hours before disconnecting the gas from your BBQ appliance and proceeding to clean up.
  • When cleaning your appliance , also pay some attention to the hose and cylinder, removing any fat or oil deposits.
  • Finally, never use the wrong gas to fuel a BBQ. Check the manufacturer guidelines to establish what type of gas it uses.