Take care while you're cooking outdoors

Discover our guidance on using your BBQ and patio gas heater correctly - your safety is our number one priority!

BBQing safety

Safety is essential for any BBQ event but can often be an afterthought, so we've put together some simple tips and guidelines to make sure you stay safe this summer.

Using BBQs safely

Find out more about using your BBQ safely

Using Calor patio gas

Discover our safety advice on the correct way to use Patio gas bottles

Using LPG patio heaters

Calor’s guide to keeping warm – and more importantly safe, when using LPG patio heaters

Connecting and disconnecting your gas BBQ

Step by step information and video guide on how to safely connect and disconnect your BBQ gas

Choosing a safe location

Discover the main safety considerations when choosing a location to set up your BBQ

Carbon Monoxide safety whilst BBQing

Staying safe whilst BBQing is a top priority, here we talk about the dangers of CO to bear in mind whilst barbecuing this summer

BBQ food safety guidance

Food hygiene and safety information tailored specifically to barbecuing