Use Propane gas safely and effectively

Our safety guide provides some excellent advice on how to use Propane gas so you can avoid the dangers

Using Propane gas

Calor’s helpful Propane guide provides some excellent advice on how to effectively use Propane gas, including the connection and disconnection of the cylinders.

What to do

When using a gas bottle you should always treat it with care, keep it upright and read the instructions and labels provided. Also, ensure you return the gas bottle when it’s empty or not in use for long periods. Remember to keep your LPG appliances clean and have them serviced regularly. When you’re using Propane indoors for commercial use, make sure there’s an adequate supply of fresh air in the room – using ventilators or grilles, if available.

What NOT to do

  • Do not subject the gas bottle to heat – this could increase the pressure inside and exceed the safe limit
  • Do not try to disconnect or unscrew a regulator from any cylinder if the flame doesn’t go out
  • Never store or use gas bottles in cellars or below ground level
  • Always store gas bottles at least 2 metres away from un-trapped drains, unsealed gullies or cellar openings
  • Avoid storing Propane gas bottles indoors
  • Never use Propane-fuelled appliances inside residential properties

Download our ‘Using Propane safely’ PDF for further information on how to effectively use Propane, including the dangers of carbon monoxide, the importance of a regulator, emergency advice and more.

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