Use Butane gas safely and effectively

Our safety guide provides some excellent advice on how to use Butane gas so you can avoid the dangers

Using Butane gas

Whenever you use Butane, you need to take certain precautions to stay safe. Calor is committed to giving you all the information and advice you need to use your Butane effectively and safely, so we’ve created a guide to using our gas bottles.

What to do

Most importantly; when you handle Butane gas bottles, treat them with care to make sure valves aren’t damaged, and always use them in an upright position. Read all instructions and labels supplied with your gas bottle or appliance, and keep them handy for future reference. We also recommend you return the gas bottle when it’s empty or out of use for a long period.

What NOT to do

  • No matter what the purpose for using a Butane gas bottle, you should always avoid subjecting a gas bottle to heat, as the pressure inside could build to unsafe limits
  • Never try to disconnect or unscrew a regulator from a gas bottle if the flame doesn’t go out when the cylinder hand wheel is turned off
  • When using a 4.5kg gas bottle, avoid using the rubber washer from the protective black cap as a sealing washer
  • Don’t store or use gas bottles in cellars or below ground level
  • Never attempt to force a regulator of one size on to a bottle’s valve of another size (your local Calor stockist can check the appliance if you have any difficulties)
  • It’s also important to never improvise or modify a gas appliance, and avoid obstructing access to gas bottles 

Connecting and disconnecting Butane gas bottles:

For diagrams on how to connect and disconnect Butane gas bottles, take a look at the 'Using Butane Safely' PDF guide. This also includes useful information on carbon monoxide, flexible hoses and emergency advice.

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