Gas Cylinder Storage

Gas bottles, depending on their size and weight, can be heavy because they’re filled with pressurised gas. At Calor we take safety very seriously, so to prevent injury and property damage, compressed gas bottles need to be stored, handled, used and maintained properly. Here are some basic storage rules you should follow at all times:


  • Store and use gas bottles in an upright position
  • Store gas bottles in well-ventilated places
  • Ensure gas bottles are stored away from heat and ignition sources
  • Make sure gas bottles are stored outdoors, away from building entry/exit points and drains


  • Store or use gas bottles below ground level
  • Use gas bottles in places where gas is prohibited, such as high-rise flats
  • Keep gas bottles near any corrosive, toxic or oxidant material

Further guidance

For residential properties, you can use up to 15kg of Butane (2 blue 7.5kg gas bottles) indoors, for example in portable gas heaters. You can also store a further maximum of 15kg indoors.

Our red Propane gas bottles can be used indoors in commercial and industrial premises on a temporary basis, for example when you’re using a blowtorch or air heater but the gas bottles must be stored outdoors.

In the case of fixed installations, Propane gas bottles must be sited outside, whilst Calor stockists and commercial and industrial premises should store LPG in accordance with the UKLPG Code of Practice No. 7 "Storage of Full and Empty LPG Cylinders and Cartridges".

For more information please see our ‘Code of guidance for the storage of cylinders’ and ‘Cylinder storage information’ PDFs for more detailed information. If you’d like any more guidance, please call our technical helpline on 01926 318 497 and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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