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Cleaner, greener fuel for your HGV fleet 

Save money and cut emissions with Calor LNG

For decades, diesel has been the default option for vehicle fleets. But all that is changing. Now there are other, better choices on the market that give the same performance in terms of power, acceleration and cruising speed, but with added financial and environmental benefits.

As well as LNG typically being 10-25% cheaper than diesel, meaning you’ll enjoy lower running costs, it’s also got strong environmental benefits making it a better choice for anyone who cares about protecting the planet for future generations.1 Find out more about the benefits of LNG and switching your vehicle fleet to Calor.


Understanding Calor LNG

What is LNG?

A gas powered delivery lorry driving on a road by a corn field

LNG in a nutshell

LNG is, quite simply, natural gas in liquid form. Gas becomes liquid when cryogenically cooled to -162°C and takes up to 600 times less space than natural gas, making it easier – and more cost-effective – to transport and store.

Refuelling is quick and easy

While drivers must wear protective glasses and gloves when taking on fuel that has been chilled to -260°F, filling an LNG tank is as quick and easy as filling a diesel tank. Industry analysis suggests that on average, drivers of LNG trucks spend around seven minutes at the fuel stop from entry to exit, with the refuelling process itself taking about four minutes.1

Keep on trucking with LNG

LNG is the fastest-growing fossil fuel worldwide, predicted to account for 18% of HGVs sold by the early 2020s. Here's why:

LNG-powered trucks have comparable performance to diesel vehicles in terms of power, acceleration and cruising speed, but can cut CO2 by between 10% and 20%, dependent upon duty cycle and vehicle type.1

LNG engines are quieter, so they can boldly go where no commercial vehicle has gone before. Town centres and residential areas that have noise restrictions are no longer out of bounds.

LNG frees your HGVs to travel in Low Emissions Zones as the latest generation of natural gas-powered vehicles complies with Euro VI emissions standards.

LNG is typically between 10% and 25% cheaper than diesel.

As well as being both non-toxic and non-corrosive, LNG is unable to spontaneously combust – at least, not until it reaches a temperature of 650°C, which, incidentally is more than twice that of diesel.

LNG is better for the environment too as, unlike diesel, you don’t need to worry about the risk of leaks or contamination and hefty clean-up costs.

Increasingly, manufacturers and retailers are looking for an environmentally-responsible logistics partner to help them meet their sustainability goals so powering your fleet with LNG could give you the edge you need when competing for new business contracts.

Switch with confidence

Switching to LNG is easy

Our comprehensive service includes design and installation, all maintenance – including replacement parts and labour – training, commissioning and even an emergency callout service. It all starts with an initial visit by one of our Transport Specialists who will thoroughly review your fleet requirements and fuel needs. They will take account of your annual mileage, average fleet mpg, the types of long-haul routes travelled and journey patterns before advising whether you’d benefit from switching to Calor LNG. Switching fuel may seem daunting but we can take care of the entire project for you from initial specification to fuel delivery. We will ensure your LNG equipment is installed quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily haulage operations.


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Why choose Calor?

You're in safe hands with Calor

We're experts in delivering a safe, cost-effective and flexible LNG solution that perfectly meets the needs of your business.

There are thirty LNG stations strategically located acros sthe UK - and many more to come. What's more, thanks to our sister company PrimaLNG, we can offer a pan-European network of LNG refuelling stations with sites in France, Belgium, Holland and Italy; with more coming online.
Switching fuels can seem daunting; but with one of our experienced Transport Specialists on board, you'll feel informed and supported every step of the way. 

Calor is the leading supplier of liquefied natural gas with over 80 years’ experience at the forefront of alternative fuels in the transport sector. We deliver more than 80,000 tonnes of LNG annually to meet the needs of transport, industrial and marine customers.

Industry-leading engineering design teams and a dedicated LNG commercial salesforce.

From enquiries and customer service to engineering and emergencies, help is on hand when you need it.

LNG gives you compelling environmental and financial benefits without needing to compromise on power or performance.

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