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Converting and replacing HGV, long haul fleets with the right solution can be challenging, but thanks to Calor gas’ transport solutions, it’s one less thing to worry about. If your fleet currently uses diesel, there is a cleaner and more cost effective alternative – Calor LNG. Our transport specialists can assess your fleet and recommend the best solution for your business needs.

Benefits of upgrading to LNG-powered vehicles

Lower your fuel costs

Replacing your fleet’s diesel fuelled engines with LNG alternatives significantly reduces your running costs. All we need from you, is your fleet’s transport routes and delivery patterns, in order to recommend the most suitable technology, which delivers the highest returns.

Greener and cleaner

When upgrading your fleet’s diesel consumption to LNG, you'll notice a reduction in CO2 and substantial reductions in dangerous particulates such as NOx and SOx. Particulates emissions from LNG are almost zero, making LNG perhaps the simplest route to becoming greener and cleaner.

Reduced noise pollution

Running LNG engines is quieter than burning diesel in combustion engines. LNG-fuelled trucks can operate for longer where noise restrictions apply, e.g. delivering to supermarkets in residential areas or city centres that have regulations on traffic and noise abatement issues.

Refuelling Solutions

For larger fleets, investing in a back-to-base refuelling station may be viable to investment. For smaller fleets we also operate the largest, publicly accessible, 7 LNG refuelling sites nationwide for you to utilise when required.

It’s easy upgrading with Calor

Energy consultation

Calor LNG consultation

Our Transport Energy Specialists will visit your premises to complete a free, no obligation consultation.

They will review your current fleet requirements and fuel needs, advising if you’d benefit from switching to a Calor LNG solution, based upon annual mileage, average fleet mpg, types of long haul routes and journey patterns.


"With the potential for offering significant cost and CO2 reductions, not to mention it clean-air benefits, LNG is enjoying increased popularity as a fuel for heavy goods vehicles and shipping. Calor is already committed strongly to this sector and operates the largest publically accessible LNG road-refuelling network across the UK, with development plans in place to expand this network further." Mark Gilkes, Transport Specialist.

End-to-end solution

Switching may seem complex, but at Calor, we can take care of the entire project, from initial specification, to trials and operational delivery. Where relevant, we will ensure your LNG storage and dispensing facilities are installed quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily haulage operations.

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