Reduce your long-haul fuel bills by up to 15%

by converting tractor units to gas/diesel technology.

Dual fuel

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Are you a transport, fleet or logistics manager with a long haul, UK-based distribution business requirement? If so, you will be striving to lower your fleet’s carbon footprint, improve efficiencies and reduce fuel costs. Calor in conjunction with its dual fuel technology partners, could well have the right solution for you. Converting vehicles is a low-capital, short pay-back solution.

Converting to Calor dual fuel

What is dual fuel technology?

It is simply an upgrade to an existing diesel engine that allows the engine to burn a variable mixture of diesel and LPG in the combustion chambers. By displacing a proportion of the diesel fuel with LPG, a vehicle will reduce both its fuel costs and carbon emissions because LPG is cheaper and lower in carbon than diesel .

Why convert to dual fuel?

The benefits of converting a normal diesel engine to an LPG/diesel dual fuel technology can be substantial:

  • Fuel cost savings of approximately 14%
  • Large reduction in CO2 emissions/carbon footprint
  • Low unit cost investment with short payback periods

How to convert?

Dual fuel technology requires relatively low capital investment and can be swiftly installed using, for example, Mercury Fuels’ conversion technology. This involves installing a second set of LPG fuel injectors, an LPG fuel tank, pipe work and associated fuel management system.
The capital pay-back is often achieved within 12 months and our converter partners provide warranties for the converted engines.

Technology advocates

With the objective of lowering carbon emissions, Calor converted 25 of its long haul diesel trucks to run on dual fuel. The technology has already reduced running costs and delivered a 74 tonne reduction in carbon emissions during the first 12 months of operation.

Renewable forklift

Introducing BioLPG

BioLPG is an ideal energy solution for businesses wishing to reduce their carbon footprint. Produced from a mix of renewable feed-stocks, it offers businesses the chance to experience greater reductions in their carbon emissions compared to that of conventional LPG. What’s more, it is chemically identical to conventional LPG, making it the ultimate ‘drop-in’ fuel.

  • Even greener
    Carbon emission savings of up to 80% compared to conventional LPG.

  • LPG compatible
    No change required to existing LPG equipment or infrastructure.

  • Same great performance
    No impact on performance levels.

  • No extra cost
    No extra cost for BioLPG versus conventional LPG.

Cost savings & CO2 reduction

By replacing up to 25% of your diesel consumption with LPG the annual cost savings and CO2 reductions are substantial. The table offers some predicted figures calculated by our transport specialists.

Hear what our customers have to say

"Dual fuel systems have given us the best of both worlds, lower fuel bills and lower CO2 outputs with maybe further capital savings in the future"Michael Tucker, Transport Manager, Noble Food


Read more about our Noble Food case study

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