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Calor has been providing portable energy solutions for mobile caterers for many years. We recognise that when running your own mobile catering business your considerations are vast.

Benefits of being a Calor customer

Uninterrupted gas supply

With more than 10,000 gas stockists we can ensure your business enjoys a continuous supply of gas delivered straight to your door.

And with a wide range of cylinder sizes we’ll assure we have the correct size for your business. Visit our gas bottle shop to view our range.

LPG fuelled generators

Significant fuel savings when compared to petrol and increased fuel performance means less servicing required, providing a better way to power your business.

Greengear generators ensure there’s less down time keeping your business running and your customers happy. Work out what size generator you need with our generator sizing guide; or view our range of generators for more information.

Extensive range of mobile catering appliances

Calor understands that as mobile caterer you require high quality and durable appliances. That’s why we stock a broad range of Parry’s LPG equipment such as potato ovens, pie cabinets, water boilers, fryers and many more. Shop our mobile catering appliances.

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