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Here at Calor, we understand that producing grid quality Biomethane is key to generating revenue for your business. That is why, maintaining a reliable supply of LPG, to keep both the quality of your product on track and flowing, is at the heart of what Calor does.

Selling Biogas?

If you are planning to sell your excess Biogas to the national grid, you may be interested to know that up to 50% of the Biomethane produced, is expected to fall below the calorific requirements demanded by the grid.

This issue can be easily resolved by the tried and tested method of blending lower grade Biomethane with around 3 – 4% of Calor gas. This ensures you receive your RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) payments.

biogas lpg calor


Calor has invested heavily in storage and delivery infrastructure over its 80 year existence to ensure that it has the means to fulfil customer demand, even under the most challenging circumstances. Extreme weather, hard to reach rural locations, political or civil unrest abroad all impact supply. That is why Calor has:

  • Invested in the largest LPG storage capacity in Europe
  • Developed the largest fleet of LPG bulk delivery tankers in the UK
  • Accumulated 80 years experience in purchasing and importing LPG from local and overseas refineries across the globe
  • Invented Calor Think-Tank technology: a telemetry system that automatically notifies Calor when customers LPG tank levels are low and require a top-up

biomethane gas to grid injection

Calor expertise is what makes it work

Reliability of supply is one thing, but installing your storage facility and keeping it running smoothly requires expertise. Expertise in LPG is Calor’s forte - from sighting a tank to the installation process, Calor has it covered. Typically, Calor retains ownership of the bulk tanks it supplies which means that we also take on board a greater range of responsibilities in terms of LPG storage – with a view to reducing customer worry and workload. So in addition to maintaining supply Calor can:

  • Undertake tank sighting surveys and recommend the most suitable tank location
  • Install your tank and help you plan for future expansions in LPG supply
  • Route and install pipe work
  • Service your tank and pipe work - post installation
  • Conduct future pipe inspections and safety testing
  • Provide 24/7 back-up in the event of an emergency with Calor's specialist engineering division.

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