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LPG weed burner technology has made the weed control process easier and quicker than ever before - take a look!

Weed burning with LPG

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Calor gas burners have become a popular alternative to using chemicals for weed control, desiccation and as a soil hygiene tool. Recent advancements in LPG weed burner technology have made the process easier and quicker than ever before.

Benefits of LPG

  • Cost efficient
  • More convenient and flexible than traditional spraying
  • No residue left in the crop
  • Range of sizes
  • Operating costs comparable to using chemicals

Environmentally friendly solution

Increased legislation and consumer pressure are forcing growers to look for alternative methods to chemicals, many of which are now banned or severely restricted. LPG powered weed burners negate the need to treat crops with acid. This means you'll no longer need to give advanced warning to local residents, receive complaints about drifting spray or have to worry about handling and storing chemicals.

In highly intensive cropping systems, high levels of heat applied via LPG burners not only destroy post-harvest debris but also kill weeds and any fungal spores on or near the surface. This can help create a sterile seed bed and minimise the disease pressure on the following crop.

Choose between speed and mobility

For your convenience, LPG weed burners are available in a range in sizes designed to suit different needs. Small hand-held or 'walk-behind' versions, powered by Calor 6kg or 13kg propane cylinders, are ideal for tackling troublesome, hard-to-access areas.

For farmers and growers with large businesses and high acreage, the 1.8m and 6m tractor-drawn weed burners enable maximum ground to be covered in minimum time. This highly efficient method features a mobile LPG tank strapped to the tractor, allowing a large area to be treated in one go without the need for refills.

To find out more about the many ways of using Calor LPG for weed burning, please get in touch with one of our customer service team.

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