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Using Calor gas in horticulture

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A Calor gas powered heating system is the clean, green and economical way to grow your horticultural business.

Benefits of Calor gas

  • Provides frost protection and constant temperatures
  • Indirect heaters optimise CO2 levels and less moisture
  • Burns cleanly with virtually no soot
  • Maximises flower growth
  • Increases crop yields
  • Prevents any tainting

Heating options

There are three types of heaters suitable for use in horticulture.

Direct fired heaters provide economical and efficient frost protection during the cold months, but can also supply fresh unheated air for summertime ventilation. Indirect fired and unit cabinet heaters are capable of increasing the heat by 10-15° without damaging crops.

Radiant heaters directly warm a precise location by radiating infrared heat. No heat is wasted nor do they circulate dust, so they are ideal when a clean atmosphere is required.

All of these heating systems are compatible with LPG, which means you get the added peace of mind of a reliable, clean burning energy supply.

Leading the field

Our commitment to innovation is influencing more and more areas of agricultural business. When it comes to growing flower, our customers are using Calor gas to power heating and cooling systems that enable first growth and then a slowing of the blooming process – an approach that can prevent wastage.

Hear what our customers have to say

Stangroom Bros
"We’re sticking with LPG from Calor.It has the edge because it’s clean, cost-effective and reliable"Nigel Stangroom, Director of Stangroom Bros

Read more about our Stangroom Bros case study

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