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Game rearing with Calor gas

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Calor gas is the leading supplier of LPG to the game rearing field. Every type of business relies on dependable energy, but when you’re rearing game it’s vital that brooder houses are maintained at the optimum temperature to create a stress-free environment for the birds. Brooders thrive on consistent levels of heat, especially when rearing their young.

Benefits of Calor gas

  • Cost effective, fixed seasonal pricing
  • Minimal risk of contamination as an oil leak can be expensive and environmentally hazardous
  • Ideal conditions for feeding,sleeping and feathering
  • Portable energy solution with Calor gas cylinders
  • Security of supply

Leading the game

The complete combustion process means that there is no fuel residue and little danger of contaminated feeds or litter. In addition, the moist heat produced by LPG is perfect for encouraging even feathering and faster growth.

Depending on the specific energy requirements of your business, we have a range of LPG tank storage options and sizes to suit.

Safety first

We believe that high standards in all game rearing should be maintained, and that the safe handling of gas cylinders is paramount. Together with The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), we’ve developed a booklet “Using Calor Gas Safely in the Game Rearing Field" which provides clear guidelines on the safe use of LPG.

To find out more about using Calor gas for your game rearing business, please get in touch and our dedicated customer services team will be happy to help.

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