Whatever your crop, choose Calor for drying

We provide clean, safe and effective energy for both mobile and static grain dryers- economic and efficient!

Crop drying with Calor gas

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Calor gas is a highly controllable fuel, making optimum crop drying temperatures easy to maintain. Whatever your crop, we can provide clean, safe and effective power for both mobile and static grain dryers.

Benefits of Calor gas

  • Economic and efficient crop drying
  • Fixed seasonal pricing
  • Lower maintenance costs due to no soot build up
  • Reduction in crop wastage and no tainting of crop
  • Range of tank sizes
  • Portable energy solutions

Effective combustion

Calor gas' complete combustion process reduces the chance of grain combustion, water ingress or fuel sediment. Wheat, maize, barley, rapeseed, peas, potatoes, bulbs and onions can all be dried economically and efficiently to the correct levels for storage and onward sale. On average, 2.5 litres of propane will decrease the moisture level of a ton of grain by 1%.

Flexible operation

For mobile on-site drying, completely self-contained Batch Dryers are available from major manufacturers; all that’s required is a tractor to provide the power take-off. There is also a wide choice of Calor-compatible continuous flow dryers – competitively priced modern dryers which can be easily sited to suit your requirements.

And with a choice of gas tanks or gas cylinders, we’ve made it easy to ensure the most convenient and cost-effective supply of propane to cater for your individual business needs.

Hear what our customers have to say

Alexander Inglis & Calor LPG
"Calor pulled out all the stops to give us a supply of gas. There was only a short window of time between us contacting Calor and installation"Colin Wright, Quality Assurance Manager, Alexander Inglis & Son Ltd

Read more about our Alexander Inglis case study

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