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In the face of increasingly complex and changeable legislation affecting building properties and heating systems, Calor offers understanding and expertise in LPG. Our aim is provide a full heating solution which can help building projects to meet legislation and adhere to the many guidelines now in circulation. As a company, Calor operates a registered Quality Management System as per BS EN ISO 9001 and we also belong to key trade associations in our industry.

Carbon emissions

Carbon emissions

Back in 2006 the UK government set an ambitious plan for all new homes built in England and Wales from 2016 onwards to be carbon neutral; in other words, they shouldn’t add any new carbon to the atmosphere. In order to reach this zero carbon development target, a timetable was proposed for revising and progressively tightening the Building Regulations (Part L Conservation of Fuel and Power) in 2010 and 2013.

Building regulations

Building regulations

The overall aim of the 2010 revisions to Part L was to achieve a 25% improvement in CO2 emissions. Under the latest changes unveiled in July 2013, new build homes and new non-domestic buildings will have to be 6% and 9% (respectively) more efficient than under current regulations – with implementation from April 2014. The ‘fuel factor’, which relaxes carbon standards for homes built off the main gas grid, will remain at its current level.

Sustainable homes

Sustainable homes

The Code for Sustainable Homes is the national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes. It aims to reduce carbon emissions and further improve energy efficiency over and above the current minimum standards set out by building regulations.

The code uses a 1 to 6 star system to rate the overall sustainability performance of a new home against nine categories, including energy/CO2. Although the code is voluntary, all new publicly funded homes (i.e. affordable housing) are expected to reach level 3 – which is significantly more demanding than previous standards.

Specific reference is made to homes where mains gas is unavailable. There is a “strong influence of the choice of fuel for space heating and hot water. Homes unable to use mains gas for space and water heating will have to invest in additional energy efficiency measures or incorporate lower carbon technologies.”

Eco incentives

Eco incentives

To assist developers and homebuyers meet these environmental targets, there are a variety of national and local funding schemes for domestic improvement measures that improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Potential sources of funding include: The Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP), the Feed-In Tariff and the Green Deal. Further information can be found at The Energy Saving Trust’s online funding database.

Energy efficient solution

Energy efficient solution

With its low carbon emissions, Calor LPG meets all current legislative targets. It works successfully with legislation as an efficient heating solution for businesses – giving building designers more freedom in the construction of the building envelope and choice of insulating materials.

In certain situations, the local planning authority may require a formal planning application for the installation of LPG storage tanks. The drawing should show the position of the tank in relation to the boundary of the property and any adjacent buildings – with separation distances clearly marked.

Landlord and commercial certification

Landlord and commercial certification

Holiday caravans, mobile homes and permanent buildings used for letting must have a current Landlord Certificate. Our in-house engineering division, CalorForce, are able to carry out all relevant tests and inspections and provide the necessary Landlord certification to meet current legislative requirements.

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