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LPG forklift trucks

Whether you have a single truck or a whole fleet, Calor LPG is the cleanest and most efficient fuel for the job, and with our nationwide delivery network for forklift gas, you can rely on us every time to power your fleet.

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Our exciting renewable BioLPG is currently only available for forklift trucks and haulage, but to be kept informed of the latest BioLPG news, including any new sectors that may be included as part of future developments then please feel free to join our Commercial BioLPG email list:

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Why choose LPG forklifts?

Choosing gas-powered forklift trucks delivers a lot more operational flexibility, improved efficiency, cost savings and a cleaner environment.

Calor LPG vs diesel and electric

Warehouse worker in an LPG forklift truck

Reduce costs

Using costs supplied by industry experts we estimate savings of up to 24% can be achieved by switching from Diesel to LPG.*

By replacing old diesel trucks with new LPG forklifts you could achieve savings between £5000 to £16,000 per truck, over a 5 year period, find out more.

Clean burning LPG forklift truck

Cleaner working environment

Our clean burning forklift gas offer around 98% less particulate matter over diesel, which is thought to contribute to respiratory diseases like asthma. Gas trucks deliver a much healthier environment for workers than diesel trucks, especially with a large fleet in operation.

Forklift gas truck in a clean warehouse

Clever auto-ordering

Our clever automatic top-up technology means you don't need to worry about ordering gas - our system monitors when your fuel gets low, and automatically schedules a delivery when you need one.

Renewable forklift

Introducing BioLPG

BioLPG is an ideal energy solution for businesses wishing to reduce their carbon footprint. Produced from a mix of renewable feed-stocks, it offers businesses the chance to experience greater reductions in their carbon emissions compared to that of conventional LPG. What’s more, it is chemically identical to conventional LPG, making it the ultimate ‘drop-in’ fuel.

  • Even greener
    Carbon emission savings of up to 32% compared to conventional LPG.

  • LPG compatible
    No change required to existing LPG forklift truck equipment or infrastructure.

  • Same great performance
    No impact on performance levels.

  • No extra cost
    No extra cost for BioLPG versus conventional LPG.


CO2 Saving Calculator

To find out how much carbon you could save by switching to gas powered forklift trucks, simply enter your current fuel type, the number of forklift trucks that you operate, how many hours per day they usually run, along with how many days a week they operate:

How much CO2 could you save?

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Why choose Calor?

We're experts in delivering a safe, cost-effective and flexible LPG solution that perfectly meets the needs of your business.

forklift gas truck cylinder diagram

Improve engine life and efficiency

Calor's clever Magnatrac technology is installed within each cylinder to eliminate the potential risk of minute metal particles blocking the cylinder valve or entering the forklift trucks fuel injection system.

forklift gas tank solution

Reduce downtime

Calor’s innovate Memory Dip Tubes have been manufactured from ‘memory plastic’ which, unlike steel dip tubes, are designed for flexibility and are not prone to fracture.

professional lpg forklift training

Professional training

At Calor, we’d like all your operating staff to be confident with using LPG, to ensure that your fleet is running professionally and effectively, so we’ve developed a refueling training course for new and existing bulk customers.

More reasons to choose Calor

  • Support
    Our professional FLT team are always on hand to help with any technical issue concerning your LPG.

  • Safety
    All of our cylinders are individually date stamped and routinely safety-checked.

A brand you can trust

We've been a trusted LPG supplier since 1935.
Calor Marshalls case study
"As we are no longer charging batteries, we have seen electricity consumption dramatically decrease and LPG fuelled trucks cost less to operate than electric"Mick Cragg, Yard Manager, Marshalls plc

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* Figures calculated using typical cost & performance parameters for 1.5 & 2.5 tonne trucks, running on 8 &16 hour shifts. Figures supplied by leading forklift truck OEMs.