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Safety is absolutely paramount when it comes to fuel handling, so whenever you or your employees are refilling LPG cylinders, it’s essential to be fully aware of the correct technical and safety procedures for doing so.

Safety first

FLT operators must be trained to fill liquid off-take, and should also be aware of the specifications of Calor’s refillable 29 litre cylinders and fixed fuel tanks (FFT) in order to safely handle and refill gas cylinders.

For comprehensive safety instructions for filling our refillable LPG cylinders for forklift trucks, please refer to the PDF 'Operating instructions for 29 litre refillable forklift truck cylinders'. To read the general refuelling instructions in their entirety, please download the PDF 'Refillable forklift truck cylinders'.

Accident emergency procedure

In event of a substantial spillage of LPG, or a fire, the following steps should be taken:

  • Shut off tank valves D & K, and the filler valve J fuel dispenser - isolating valves if safe to do so - and isolate the electrical master switch
  • Contact the Fire Brigade and advise the presence of LPG
  • Remove or extinguish any source of ignition
  • Do not attempt to start the engines of vehicles which may be in the vicinity

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