The benefits of LPG generators

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LPG generators provide a better way to power your business. With significant fuel savings when compared to petrol and increased fuel performance meaning less servicing required. LPG generators will ensure that there’s less down time keeping your business running and your customers happy. Our generators come in a variety of sizes:


Find out which size is perfect for your business with our portable generator sizing calculator.  

LPG generators vs diesel & petrol generators

Efficient, greener and cleaner

Save up to 50% on fuel efficiency vs. petrol generators*. What's more, LPG produces less exhaust emissions than petrol including CO2, NOx and SOx. This means an improved working environment, with no more smell or soot.

Portable solution with less downtime

Cylinders need changing less frequently and are easier to top-up when compared to petrol or diesel generators. Plus we can deliver the gas directly to you.

Our larger models of LPG generator come with integrated wheels and handles to improve manoeuvrability.

Reduced maintenance and noise

LPG fuelled engines retain their performance and require less maintaining which means a reduced cost in service and repairs.

Furthermore, the generators produce less noise when compared to petrol and diesel generators, which means an improved working environment.

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*Greengear 5kW generator at an average consumption of 2.25 l/hr using a 47kg cylinder at average retail price.

Compared to an equivalent 5kW petrol generator consuming 2.20 l/hr using unleaded at the average cost of 119.5 pence

per litre in February 2017