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With a supply history exceeding 80 years you would expect a tailored supply option from Calor. From fueling large condensing boilers to forklift trucks, or heating chicken sheds, Calor can recommend the most cost effective and practical storage and supply option for your business.

Gas storage solutions

LPG bulk tanks

We stock and supply a wide range of tank sizes allowing us the flexibility to specify single or multiple tank combinations to suit almost any application and site – assuming there is sufficient space for fuel storage in the first place.

Our many years of experience will guarantee that if there is a solution to be found, we will recommend the best one.

  • Where aesthetics are important, we will happily specify a below ground tank, or tanks and return the site to it former state – leaving you with an unobtrusive storage facility.
  • With your permission we will also install, free of charge, our innovative Think Tank telemetry system, which remotely monitors the tanks’ LPG level and alerts us to top-up the tank well before the contents becomes critically low.

Fixed fuel tanks for forklift trucks

Fixed fuel tanks, typically used on forklift trucks , offer the functionality of an LPG tank on a converted Autogas car. They essentially displace the option of using exchangeable cylinders on the truck.

Available in 70 litre or 55 litre capacities they offer larger storage capabilities than their cylinder counterparts and are refilled using an Autogas-style refueling pump which in turn is served by a bulk tank.

  • Fixed tanks are ideal for forklift truck that are in continual used as they run longer between refueling stops and pump-refueling is more convenient than changing a cylinder and managing cylinder stocks and storage.

LPG cylinders

If you have insufficient space to sight a bulk LPG tank or your estimated usage doesn’t warrant one, Calor gas cylinders may be the answer to your both your bulk and portable energy needs.

Cylinders are available in a variety of sizes and designs, to suite various applications.

  • Our larger cylinders and can be plumbed into in banks of cylinders to create larger on-site storage capacity in locations where a bulk tank cannot be accommodated.
  • Two or more cylinders will serve a gas-burning appliance, such as a boiler.
  • A further back bank of cylinders will be held on site in reserve. When the gas in the first bank of cylinders becomes depleted an automatic switchover valve springs into action – connecting the reserve bank of cylinders to the boiler, thus maintaining the gas supply.
  • The now depleted bank of cylinders are then replaced by us or one of our local resellers in readiness to serve the boiler when the next switch over occurs.

Tank sizing and siting


Every tank installation varies, our tank sizing and siting information will help give you some general guidance.

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