A better way to power your off-grid business

Choose a cleaner, sustainable, more modern fuel supply

Switching fuels

Whether you’re using oil, electric or solid fuel to power your businesses heating, hot water or cooking you should consider switching to Calor. We offer a cleaner, greener and more efficient alternative. Switching to gas is easier than you think, and in just a few simple steps, you could be enjoying the benefits of mains gas, off the grid.

Why choose gas?

Save money with Calor

There are many ways which we can help your business save money from initial install to tank maintenance and your monthly bills:

  • No up front tank costs
  • We take care of the on-going tank maintenance
  • Fixed and stable pricing

Save on CO2

Calor gas has the lowest carbon emissions of all fossil fuels with 11.7% less CO2 per kWh than heating oil and is the most logical partner for renewable technologies due to its low carbon credentials.

The government will continue to focus on reducing the UK's carbon footprint, placing on-going pressure on businesses.

Cleaner and greener

EU legislation is driving tighter limits on the levels of noxious emissions that any energy-generating appliance can emit. This is already placing pressure on oil-burning appliances.

What's more an oil spill can cost a business on average around £30,000 in fines, clean up and production loss.

It's easy being a Calor customer

  • Local support and advice

    With nationwide customer operations centres, you can be sure to find local Calor support near you

  • Automatic delivery

    Our clever ThinkTank technology will let us know when you're running low so you don't have to worry

  • Reliable delivery

    With a national network of delivery depots and the largest LPG tanker fleet, we'll always be able to deliver

  • Online account

    You can manage your account with ease online

  • Engineering services

    Our engineering team can take care of the installation process or work with your selected installer

  • Fuel theft

    Fuel theft from a gas tank is virtually impossible, giving you peace of mind

Hear what our customers have to say

"We are very happy with the service we've received from Calor and look forward to the projected savings "James Morphet General Manager South Lakeland Leisure Village

Get in touch

Call us free Monday to Friday between 08:30 - 17:30 or Saturday 09:00 - 13:00 on:

0800 216 659

Alternatively you can email us and a member of our business energy team will be in touch

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Get in touch

Monday to Friday between 08:30 - 17:30 or Saturday 09:00 - 13:00. Call us free on:

0800 216 659

Fill in our enquiry form and we'll contact you back

Enquire online

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