Five LPG underground tank covers in front of three large detached houses


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Smart, off-grid fuel for your housing development

Building off the grid? No problem

If you’re a housing developer building in areas where mains gas isn’t accessible or is not financially justified, LPG, the closest alternative to mains gas, enables you to build quickly and profitably.

Our dedicated developers team, who are experts in energy for new housing developments, will work with you (and your showhome sales team) every step of the way.

LPG explained

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is actually a blanket term for two gases - propane and butane - that are easily converted to liquid with only moderate pressure. If you’re concerned about sustainability, LPG remains the lowest carbon, most efficient and effective fossil fuel for off-grid homeowners.

The benefits of LPG

Building with the benefits of gas, without the pipeline

As it's the fossil fuel with the lowest CO2 emissions*, minor modifications are usually all that's needed to meet energy and environmental standards. 
LPG is the cheapest form of off-grid heating to install by far, costing as little as £500 per plot with no hidden extras. **
No need to change your plans - LPG boilers are the same size, and have the same flue clearance, as mains gas boilers - meaning they'll fit into standard house designs.
Underground LPG tanks powering a rural metered estate

Discover the benefits of LPG

for housing developers

The perfect LPG solution

Several yellow LPG underground tanks in a row

We've got storage solutions that will suit any development plan

We offer above ground tanks and concealed underground tanks, which won't detract from your view. Our complimentary Auto-ordering technology detects when your development is running low and automatically schedules a gas delivery. ***

A Calor underground tank being refilled with LPG

Installing LPG really is the easy choice - and deliveries run pretty smoothly, too

We'll help you choose what size tanks you need, and arrange to fill them regularly for your homebuyers. We'll also provide training, support and literature about LPG to your showhome sales team, so they feel empowered to talk to your buyers.

Why choose Calor?

A choice that's safe as houses

We're experts at delivering a safe, cost-effective and flexible LPG solution that perfectly meets the needs of your housing development.

LPG is the next best thing to mains gas; used in exactly the same way to provide piping hot water, central heating and controllable cooking. Your homebuyers will definitely be in their comfort zone - as will you; with our expert help! 

A gas central heating system and the familiarity of LPG boiler controls, which work in the same way as standard boilers, is a strong selling point to potential buyers.

Whatever the size of your estate; we'll work with you to recommend the best LPG solution, tank sizes and siting. 

From the moment that you enquire, our expert developers team will work with you to find and fit the perfect solution. And when your homebuyers move in, they'll benefit from that same great service through our nationwide network of customer operations centres and the UK's largest LPG tanker fleet. 
Calor underground LPG tanks on a metered estate

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*Table provided by kind permission of GemServ based on emission factor calculations prepared by BEIS 2021.

** Example based on a 30 plot development.

*** A telemetry unit will need to be installed by Calor, for the purpose of enabling Calor to remotely measure the quantity of LPG contained within the bulk tank(s) and schedule deliveries accordingly. Subject to the telemetry unit being able to receive signal. Direct-debit payment plan required.