What we want to achieve

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are fundamental to our success; commitment to sustainable development is therefore embedded into everything we do.

The energy landscape is evolving more rapidly now than at any time in our 78-year history – climate change, concerns over fossil fuels and soaring energy prices have led to ever increasing demands for energy efficiency.

In tune with our market

As the UK’s leading supplier of LPG, we've developed an excellent understanding of the unique energy challenges facing rural householders. Yet we view these changes as an opportunity not a threat: instead of being part of the problem, we want to belong to the solution.

We’ve been committed to providing low-carbon energy solutions since 1935; as the energy market has evolved, so too has our proposition. We have transformed from a traditional LPG supplier to a modern Energy Services Company (ESCO) – providing LPG alongside a range of low carbon and renewable appliances, energy efficiency advice and a variety of other environmentally and socially responsible products and services.

A pioneering role in a sustainable future

Our vision is "To become the sustainable energy company of choice in rural Britain". We want to lead the way in tackling the biggest environmental and social issues facing our industry; we want sustainability to be incorporated into the daily fibre of our business.

But we recognise that this means doing a lot more than simply managing our carbon footprint, so we are investing in a sustainable future across five key areas of the business: Environment, Innovation, Community, Workplace and Marketplace.

Our Sustainability Review and Sustainability Progress Report provides a comprehensive overview of our activities in each of these five areas.

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