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Types of portable gas heaters

Choosing the right portable heater for your property can depend on a range of factors, from the size of the room it will be placed in to the amount of heat output required. The following points cover the three main types of portable gas heaters currently available on the market.

Radiant heaters
Radiant gas heater

Producing heat similar to that of a traditional log fire; portable radiant heaters work by emitting warmth that transfers to the objects surrounding it. They can be used to heat a variety of rooms and spaces, but mustn’t be used in basements, cellars, bedrooms, bathrooms or garages. It is best to avoid their use in rooms subjected to breezes as severe drafts can effect the flame stability.

As an essential safety feature, most radiant heaters will have an “atmosphere sensing pilot light” that monitors the air surrounding the heater and turns the heater off if insufficient oxygen is available.

Real flame heaters
Real flame gas heater

Offering the benefit of a flame but without the inconvenience of a real fire, this form of heater works in the same way as the radiant variety. The only difference is the way the heat is emitted; being radiated by the flames and artificial coals or logs and not a heater plaque. Real flame heaters also have an “atmosphere sensing pilot light” that monitors the air surrounding the heater and turns the heater off if insufficient oxygen is available

Catalytic heaters
Catalytic portable gas heater

A portable catalytic heater comprises of a metal grill, and mesh lined with platinum or other catalyst. A valve controls the flow of gas through the mesh which creates heat that is absorbed and radiated by the metal grill. The metal grill then convects the heat and emits infra-red waves, just like a standard infrared or radiant heater. This type of heater is ideal for use in public spaces or areas with a lot of footfall.

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