BBQ accessories

With a huge variety of BBQ tools and accessories to choose from, there are now more opportunities than ever to conquer your grill and create some truly special BBQ masterpieces this summer! Whether you’d like to add new flavours to your old favourites, experiment with new BBQ cooking techniques or simply master the maintenance of your grill, there’s an accessory that will meet your needs.

But with so many BBQ accessories to consider, it can be difficult to know where to start, so we’ve compiled our short list of tools and accessories that are must-haves this summer:

Broil King 7 Piece BBQ Tool Set - Providing everything needed for you to begin your barbecuing journey, a set such as this one, which includes a turner, tongs, basting brush and 3 skewers, covers all the basics essential for a successful BBQ. Allowing you to get up and running in no time. £29.99

Broil King Marinator Injector - Offering a great new way to flavour your meats with your favourite marinades, this injector does what it says on the tin, and injects your chosen flavour directly into the flesh of your meat dishes. Do this ahead of grilling for tasty, juicy meat every time without any unnecessary mess or fuss. £9.98

Broil King BBQ Pizza Stone Grill Set - It may not be the first dish to come to mind when considering your BBQ menu, but pizzas taste delicious when cooked on the BBQ. A crispy, smoky-flavoured crust can easily be achieved when using the right accessories, all of which are included in this set. Why not also try creating a variety of flatbreads with this tool too? £54.98

Broil King Rotisserie Kit - Cooking larger cuts of meat on the BBQ can be difficult to master, however with the use of a full rotisserie kit such as this, you can ensure deliciously succulent results with great natural flavour every time. £39.98