Correctly storing your BBQ

Whether you are enjoying regular use of your BBQ during the summer months or preparing to put it away over winter, consideration should always be given to storing it correctly so as to avoid future problems - who wants to dust off their grill 10 minutes before their family and friends arrive to find that it’s damaged or dirty due to the way it has been stored?

There are some simple ways to avoid this from happening to you.

1) Keep it clean

It’s the last thing that any of us want to do after a fun night barbecuing with friends, but cleaning your BBQ is an essential task prior to storage.

Cleaning your BBQ can understandably be an unpleasant task. If it hasn’t been stored correctly you may find that it has mould, mildew, or a hardened layer of grease stubbornly clinging to the bottom. If you use a charcoal BBQ, you may also find a pile of ageing embers awaiting you. The health implications associated with storing away a dirty BBQ are also worth noting. Leaving your grill without being properly cleaned could lead to a build-up of bacteria, which in turn could result in food poisoning on its next use, something that no one wishes to serve up to their guests.

Taking the time to strip down your BBQ and thoroughly wash it with warm soapy water following each use will help to make the job easier and avoid any problems arising. If you prefer, there are lots of specialist BBQ cleaning solutions and tools on the market that can make BBQ cleaning a quick and convenient process, and if you need extra guidance, you can read our advice on how to clean your BBQ.

Remember, following the cleaning of your BBQ it is always a good idea to light it up for around 15-20 minutes to ensure that any remaining cleaning agents are burnt off and everything is in full working order before being stored away.

2) Keep it covered

It is easy to forget about your BBQ once you are relaxing and waving guests goodbye and you might end up leaving your BBQ outside overnight. But leaving it outside for one night can often lead to two nights and then, before you know it, turn into months of neglect. Leaving your BBQ to endure the elements with no protection can cause lots of damage, especially with the British weather, including rust and rot on the metal and wood work of your equipment. Leaving gas BBQs uncovered may also result in burners becoming blocked with dirt or gas pipes becoming frayed or damaged by unwanted attention from animals. As expensive issues to fix, you may find that leaving your equipment outside for too long could culminate in the need for a replacement far sooner than should be necessary; something that could be easily avoided with a little more TLC.

Ideally, to avoid this unwanted expense, a waterproof BBQ cover should be utilised whenever the equipment is not in use - You can buy specialist fitted covers for most popular brands of BBQ. In addition to this, a dry and secure storage area should be sought out to keep your BBQ out of the elements. If possible, also consider adding a lock to the location in which your equipment is kept in order to keep it secure.

The correct storage of your BBQ can often be forgotten amongst an ever expanding list of priorities, however by taking the time to keep your equipment, clean, dry and safe it will provide you with more time to enjoy it in the future.