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Why switch to us from other LPG suppliers?

It’s never been simpler to switch to us for your domestic bulk LPG. Get an LPG price for your home online now and choose the leading LPG supplier with a reliable & highly rated service. Here are the benefits that come with switching to us from other LPG suppliers.

Terms & Conditions

** Terms and Conditions of Calor Gas Limited’s “Automatic Top-up Technology”.

1.Source: Atlantic Consulting, 2009

2. Average saving of £280 on LPG price calculated using LPG customer switching-in figures, based on average year one savings made by switching to Calor from other suppliers in 2014. Figures includes VAT at 5% and gas usage up to 6000 litres.

3. Which?

Switching LPG suppliers guidelines

These guidelines are set out to explain how and when you can change your LPG supplier.

When you can change your LPG supplier?

LPG suppliers contracts usually lasts for around two years. If you are entering into an agreement with us to supply your LPG, this will be for a minimum period of two years. This means that you are agreeing to take bulk LPG supply for your home energy only from us for at least two years from the date when the agreement starts.

  • If you are renewing an existing agreement with us, or if you are changing to Calor from another bulk LPG supplier, the minimum period starts when both you and we have signed the agreement.
  • If this is your first agreement with any LPG supplier the minimum period starts from the date when we first fill your tank with gas. These procedures are described in more detail below, under the heading “How you can change LPG supplier after the end of the minimum period”.

You will be able to enter into a new agreement with Calor or change to another bulk LPG supplier at any time after the end of the minimum period.

If we have written to you because your agreement has gone beyond the initial minimum (exclusivity) period, you have the option of continuing on your existing terms and conditions, or entering into a new agreement with Calor, or changing to another bulk LPG supplier.

How to change supplier after the end of the minimum period?

You can find another bulk LPG supplier in various ways, including from the UKLPG website at www.uklpg.org which has a list of alternative bulk LPG suppliers or alternatively from their helpline by calling 02476 711 601.

Once you have found another LPG supplier with whom you wish to enter into an agreement, you need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Serve notice to terminate your agreement with us either by:

    1. giving us notice in writing 42 days before you wish your agreement with us to terminate:

      by post to –

      Calor Gas Limited,

      Athena House, Athena Drive,

      Tachbrook Park, Warwick CV34 6RL

      or by fax to 0870 400 6900;

      or by email to account.enquiries@calor.co.uk

      in each case marked for the attention of the customer services department. (If you serve this notice yourself, you need to tell your new supplier that you have done so).

    2. or

    3. by asking your new supplier to send notice to us on your behalf (They will need you to sign an appropriate document terminating your agreement with us).
  2. We will then liaise with the new LPG supplier to make the necessary arrangements, but you will need to decide whether:
    1. you wish your current LPG tank to remain in place and be bought by your new supplier
    2. you would like your current tank taken out and replaced by a new tank provided by your new LPG supplier

    However, the final decision on which of these options is followed is with your new supplier, depending for example on their assessment of your property and the tank layout.

    Either way, outside the minimum period we will not charge you for any costs involved in either transferring our tank to the new LPG supplier, or taking our tank and equipment away.

How long it will take to change LPG supplier?

From the time when we receive your notice of termination of your agreement, where the tank is to be transferred to the new supplier the time limit for the process is 28 days.

If for some reason this cannot take place and the tank has to be removed and replaced by a new tank, the overall process may take up to 42 days.

The new supplier will normally want to inspect the tank and the pipework to ensure that they are willing to buy the tank. If they decide that they are not willing to buy it, they will need to come back and discuss the options with you which may include tank replacement; moving the tank to an alternate location; or choosing an alternative such as LPG cylinder supply. If the tank has to be relocated, the new supplier may ask you to agree to extend the tank transfer process beyond the standard 42 days.

Where to get further information?

You can get further information on the process of switching LPG suppliers, from the UKLPG website at www.uklpg.org or from their helpline on 02476 711 601.

If you need a further copy of this document or other information on switching LPG suppliers, you can also consult our website www.calor.co.uk or phone us on 0345 766 1111.