6kg CalorLite® Propane gas bottle

Calor Lite 6kg gas cylinder
  • Calor Lite 6kg propane gas cylinder
6kg CalorLite® Propane gas bottle

The 6kg CalorLite® gas bottle is no longer available to purchase online with limited stock available through our network of stockists. Use our online stockist finder, or call Calor Gas direct 0800 662 663 to find your local stockist. Alternatively the 6kg CalorLite can be freely exchanged for the standard 6kg cylinder which is widely available and may be purchased online.

For further information please see the 6kg CalorLite Product Update and Q&A.

*Product image for illustration purposes only, actual product may vary slightly due to new Calor branding.


Product Update

Following recent announcements that the current 6kg Calor Lite (the ‘6kg Lite’) cylinder is to be phased out and replaced with an improved version, Calor would like to reassure its customers that it continues to invest heavily in the market, with work already underway for its next generation leisure cylinder.

The company can also confirm that all existing 6kg Calor Lite customers* will be able to swap to this new cylinder, when it is launched, completely free of charge.

Alistair Todd, Calor’s Cylinder Asset Manager, explains the company’s ongoing activities to ensure the long-term availability of cylinder stock:

“Back in May, we announced plans to change our 6kg Lite cylinder, as we have concerns about the longevity of the current model, with a higher number than expected failing our routine quality inspections. As a result, it is impractical to invest in any further stocks of a product we intend to change, so we have increased the volumes of standard 6kg cylinders available to the market and put in place a customer exchange programme.

“We appreciate that this has caused some uncertainty and inconvenience and we apologise for this, but we are confident that our customers will still be able to obtain a suitable alternative and that, in the long term, we will be able to offer an improved cylinder solution.

“To help us bring a more robust cylinder to market, we have conducted a research programme, taking input directly from the camping and caravanning community alongside the Caravan and Motorhome Club, the Camping and Caravanning Club and caravan manufacturers to ensure the new product meets our customers’ needs.

“We have also increased this year’s investment in our existing stocks of standard 6kg models to £1 million, our largest investment in this cylinder in recent years. This is to ensure maximum availability throughout the UK while we work on the development and phase-in of the replacement model for the 6kg Lite.

“The third area where we are investing additional time and resource is in updating our popular ‘Stockist Finder’ search facility on our website, to make it easier for customers to find outlets with 6kg cylinders on sale. This is an activity which will be completed in time for next year’s holiday season.”

Calor remains committed to selling and supporting the 6kg Lite cylinders, of which there is still stock availability. All stockists have been advised that they should always exchange a 6kg Lite for another of the same wherever possible, however, customers will be able to exchange for a standard 6kg cylinder if no 6kg Lites are available at the time.

It will then be possible for these customers to switch back to a 6kg Lite if they are available at the time of the next exchange.

Alistair concludes, “We would like to thank all of our customers for their patience during this transition period, while we develop our improved cylinder and to apologise for any concern or confusion that may have been caused.

“We have been supporting caravaners since 1935 and will continue to do so, investing very heavily over the years to ensure that our retailer network carries sufficient stock of all caravan cylinder sizes. Calor’s new caravan and motor home cylinder will be the next in a long line of products that we have developed just for this market.”

Customers wanting to find out more can visit Calor’s dedicated question and answer section on its website at www.calor.co.uk/calor-lite.

*Original 6 Lite Cylinder Refill Agreement (sometimes known as a 167) required or alternative receipt or proof of 6kg Lite purchase.

Calor Lite Q&A

Q: Why are you phasing out the 6kg Calor Lite (the ‘6kg Lite’) cylinder?
A: We carry out inspections on every empty cylinder returned to us before it is refilled and sent back out to the network. We have been finding that increasing numbers of the 6kg Lite are failing our routine quality inspections and, as customer safety is paramount, we have to remove these from circulation. This is having an impact on availability which is causing some customers to have difficulty obtaining these particular cylinders.

As a result, we have decided to replace the current 6kg Lite cylinder with a more robust model to improve product performance and availability (further details are provided on the research and development of this new cylinder below). This means that it makes no sense to purchase any further 6kg Lite cylinders knowing that we are going to replace them in the near future. Instead, we are switching this investment to the standard 6kg cylinder in the short term, with an additional £1 million invested in 2017, prior to the introduction of the brand new 6kg model.

Q: Is the 6kg Lite cylinder safe to use?
A: Yes, it is completely safe. All cylinders supplied and filled by Calor are subject to a rigorous inspection at our filling plants to ensure they are always completely safe for use.

Q: Is this anything to do with the recall?
A: No, the recall was in relation to a specific batch of 6kg Lite cylinders (made between 2008 and 2011) which were found to have possible material defects. Only a very small number were subsequently found to be faulty and withdrawn from circulation.

This recall closed on 1st July 2017.

Q: I still have a recall voucher, does this mean it is no longer valid?
A: No, simply take your voucher to your local retailer where it can still be redeemed for a 6kg Lite if one is available. If not, the voucher can be exchanged for a standard 6kg cylinder.

In addition, if a cylinder is returned for the first time from the affected year without a voucher, then it will be exchanged by the retailer in the normal way.

Q: Will I still be able to purchase (refill) a 6kg Lite?
A: Yes. We will continue to fill and distribute the 6kg Lite cylinders that we have available and currently, there is still good stock availability. Our stockists are all aware that their first priority should be to replace like-for-like wherever possible.

Q: What should I do if my local retailer doesn’t have any 6kg Lites available when I go to purchase one?
A: If one isn’t available then we would recommend you switch to a standard 6kg cylinder which is similar in size with an identical gas valve. You would then be able to switch back to a 6kg Lite if one is available the next time you need a refill.

Q: Will you have enough 6kg cylinders to supply the market?
A: This year we have invested a record amount (over £1 million) in new, standard 6kg cylinders to ensure our retailers have enough stock to meet demand. In addition, we still have stocks of 6kg Lites which remain on sale.

Q: Will I be charged for a 6kg cylinder when I only have a 6kg Lite to return?
A: No. The standard 6kg is freely interchangeable with the 6kg Lite, so if you have an empty 6kg Lite then all you will pay for is the gas. In the event that you have no empty cylinder, then you will need to take out a new ‘Cylinder Refill Agreement’ (CRA) for a one-off charge of £39.99, as well as paying for the gas.

Q: I still want a lightweight cylinder for my caravan, what are you doing to address this?
A: To help us bring a more robust cylinder to market, we have conducted a research programme, taking input directly from the camping and caravanning community alongside the Caravan and Motorhome Club, the Camping and Caravanning Club and caravan manufacturers to ensure the new product meets our customers’ needs.

Q: When will a new cylinder be available?
A: As research is still ongoing, it is too early to provide any definite timescales but you can be assured as soon as we have something which is suitable for the market and which has the approval of our customers then it will be brought to market. In the meantime, we will provide regular updates to keep our customers informed on progress.

We can also confirm that all existing 6kg Lite customers* will be able to swap to the new cylinder, when it is launched, completely free of charge.

*Original 6 Lite Cylinder Refill Agreement (sometimes known as a 167) required or alternative receipt or proof of 6kg Lite purchase.


Additional Information

Product code 210066
Manufacturer Calor
Cylinder Type Calor Lite
Cylinder usage Caravans and motorhomes
Cylinder Colour Red
Capacity 6kg
Gas Trac Yes
Height 487mm
Diameter 246mm
Tare weight (empty) 4.1-5kg
Gross weight (full) 10.52kg
Rec. offtake (approx.) 11Kw
Which gas bottle?

BBQ's & patio


5kg Patio Gas Cylinder

Patio gas 5kg

Patio gas 13kg

Patio Heaters

Patio gas 13kg

5kg Patio Gas Cylinder

Patio gas 5kg

Propane 19kg

Portable Heaters

Portable Heaters

Butane 15kg

Butane 7kg

Cube gas 6kg

DIY & Outdoor Use


Propane 3.9kg


Propane 19kg

47kg Propane Gas Cylinder

Propane 47kg

Camping & Caravaning

Caravans & motorhomes

Calor Lite™ 6kg

Propane 6kg

Propane 19kg

47kg Propane Gas Cylinder

Propane 47kg


5kg Patio Gas Cylinder

Patio gas 5kg

Butane 4.5kg


commercial use

Propane 13kg

Propane 19kg

47kg Propane Gas Cylinder

Propane 47kg


Propane liquid off-take18kg

Propane liquid off-take12kg


47kg Propane Gas Cylinder

Propane 47kg

Refills, exchanges and returns

Refill and returns

When you buy a gas cylinder from us, you’ll be asked to pay for and agree to the Calor Cylinder Refill Agreement which legally states that the cylinder always remains the property of Calor Gas. When it’s empty, you can simply exchange it for a pre-filled cylinder within the same category group, details of which can be found below.

If however, you don’t want another cylinder, you can simply return the empty one in good condition and receive a partial refund on the cost of the refill agreement, which is worked out on a sliding scale.

Full details of the Cylinder Refill Agreement can be found below so please spend a few minutes familiarising yourself with it to make sure that you understand exactly what the agreement covers and that you’re happy with the terms.

Cylinder Refill Agreement

This is the legal bit for the cylinder refill and returns process. Please familarise yourself with this when purchasing a Calor gas cylinder, to ensure you understand the agreement fully.

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Cylinder Refill Agreement terms

In these conditions, “Company” means Calor Gas Limited, and “CALOR Outlet” means any CALOR Centers, Dealers, Retailers, Stockists or other supply points approved by the Company. “CALOR” is the Registered Trademark of Calor Gas Limited. “Refill Agreement Charge” means the Refill Agreement Charge included in your order or where you are exchanging a cylinder this refers to the charge previously paid for the first issue of the cylinder(s). “User” means the customer named on the online order form who is party to a Cylinder Refill Agreement (“the Agreement”).

1. Purpose of the Refill Agreement Charge

In consideration for the Refill Agreement Charge, the Company agrees to refill the Calor Cylinder(s) (“Cylinder(s)”) included in your order with supplies of CALOR gas (“Gas”) during the currency of this Agreement. The Company will fulfill its obligation to refill the Cylinder by providing the User with a pre-filled Cylinder in exchange for the empty Cylinder, but reserves the right to refill the Cylinder by any other means. A Cylinder(s) can only be exchanged for a similar replacement refill Cylinder(s) within the same category as the current Cylinder(s), otherwise a new Agreement is required. Please see our exchange policy for further details about exchanging Cylinder(s).

2. Future supplies of Gas

In entering into this Agreement the User also understands that he/she will pay additional sums at the prevailing rate for the Gas contained in the Cylinder and for all future supplies of Gas as and when the Cylinder is refilled in accordance with paragraph 1.

3. Cylinders remain the property of the Company at all times and may only be filled by the Company

The company makes the cylinder(s) available to the user as a means of safely transporting and storing the gas supplied. This agreement is not a rental agreement and it does not provide the user with title in the cylinder. The user will not part with possession or control of the cylinder(s) (other than to a CALOR outlet) nor claim to have any rights that conflict with this agreement, nor create or purport or attempt to create any agency or bailment in relation to the cylinder(s) or to the user’s obligations.

4. Use of Cylinders

Cylinders may be used only as a container for Gas and not be sold, exchanged (other than for the Purpose of the Agreement), hired, assigned, transferred, mortgaged, lent, abandoned, nor damaged, decanted, filled or tampered with.

5. The Company’s rights over the Cylinders

The User is liable for the safe storage and use of Cylinder(s) and the safety of any equipment used with them but the Company may inspect or test Cylinder(s) and any fittings used with them at any time and remove and replace Cylinder(s) if defective, or for any other reason, but without the Company being under any obligation to do so. In any case of wilful damage or breach of this Agreement the Company may repossess Cylinder(s) immediately and the User by entering into this Agreement irrevocably authorises the Company or their agent to enter on the User’s property for these purposes and in that event this Agreement is terminated. The Company may charge the User for loss of use of a Cylinder, in the event of loss or damage to the Cylinder but this charge shall not give the User any rights in the Cylinder. Unless the Company, at its discretion, decides otherwise, the User will forfeit any rights or benefits conferred upon this by this Agreement.

6. Statutory obligations

The Company will comply with all statutory and appropriate Code of Practice requirements in respect of Cylinders but this shall not mean that the Company has any obligation to maintain in good condition Cylinders which ate in the User’s possession.

7. Termination by the User

This Agreement remains in force for 50 years. The User may terminate this Agreement by returning the Cylinder(s) in good order to a CALOR Outlet nominated for this purpose and shall be entitled on presenting this Agreement to a refund of a proportion of the Refill Agreement Charge as follows:

1 year old 70% refund
2 year old 60% refund
3 year old 50% refund
4 year old 45% refund
5 year old 40% refund
6 year old 35% refund
7 years old 30% refund
Over 7 years 25% refund

8. Termination by the Company

This Agreement may be terminated by the Company in the event of any act of insolvency or breach of this Agreement on the part of the User.

9. Delivery

Where a Cylinder is to be delivered to the User the Company may use an agent for this purpose.

10. Other

This Agreement is governed by and constructed in accordance with English Law. VAT and any other applicable taxes will be charged at the appropriate rates.

Cylinder exchange policy

The handy diagram below is to help you understand which gas bottles you are eligible to exchange for your empty one. It is free of charge, if you already have a Cylinder Refill Agreement.

There are six gas bottle groups as shown below. You can exchange a gas bottle within the group, without having to pay for an extra Cylinder Refill Agreement. If you wish to exchange your gas bottle, for a bottle in another group, then your purchase will be subject to an extra Cylinder Refill Agreement at an additional cost shown in table below. To exchange a gas bottle online, please visit the gas bottle section of our online shop and your local Calor stockist will deliver your order, direct to your door.


4.5kg butane bottle

4.5kg Butane

3.9kg propane bottle

3.9kg Propane

7kg Butane bottle

7kg Butane

6kg Propane bottle

6kg Propane

6kg Calor Lite Propane bottle

6kg Calor Lite™ Propane bottle


15kg Butane bottle

15kg Butane

13kg Propane bottle

13kg Propane


5kg Patio Gas Cylinder

5kg Patio gas Propane

13kg Patio Propane bottle

13kg Patio gas Propane


47kg Propane Gas Cylinder

47kg Propane

19kg Propane bottle

19kg Propane

18kg Propane liquid off-take bottle

18kg Propane liquid off-take

12kg Propane liquid off-take bottle

12kg Propane liquid off-take


47kg Propane bottle

Calor 340


6kg Cube gas bottle

6kg Cube gas

Refill agreement costs

If a customer wishes to obtain a cylinder from another group they must take out an additional cylinder agreement at an additional cost, shown in the table below. Should a customer require a partial refund on the Calor owned cylinder currently in their possession they must contact Calor Gas Direct on 0800 662 663.

Group - Small, Medium, Patio £39.99
Group - Large £59.99
Group - DIY £19.99
Group - Cube £29.99