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New Infrastructure for Abergynolwyn Children's Play Area

Fund applied for: £5,000

Location: Gwynedd

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Project description

Describe your project
The aim of the project is to revitalise our younger community in the old Welsh mining village of Abergynolwyn, now a centre for tourism. The project will drive increased use of the Children's Play Area, ultimately attracting more young families to the village. The myriad of activities organised by our community groups are well attended, and this project will ensure future generations in the village are at its core. The project will develop new infrastructure in the children's playground, providing safe flooring for the main area. The playground, alongside the adjacent community centre and pub, forms the heart of the village. All generations make use of the area together, socializing in the fresh air away from ubiquitous social media. Our strong community spirit has already encouraged younger families to relocate to Abergynolwyn and become active in community affairs, and new infrastructure will ensure long term sustainability of our facilities.

How will your project benefit your local community?
Abergynolwyn has a vision of a vibrant community for future generations. The Abergynolwyn parish is much bigger than the village itself, and without a focal point, it becomes fragmented, adding to rural isolation and decline. Abergynolwyn children become inward-looking and aren't stimulated by mixing with a wider community. Although a relatively small development, new infrastructure in the play area will encourage our community to meet, support each other and grow. This includes the extended community of residents’ families, friends, tourists and second home owners. The latter is an important group for the area, as the majority are active members of the community and its action groups. Encouraged by the village facilities / community, some have relocated permanently, bringing new ideas and a younger demographic and with the project, this trend will continue. Without the development, the play area has a limited life, contributing to risk of the currently ageing Abergynolwyn community dropping below a sustainable critical mass. With it, there are plans for increased community activities and events involving the play area which include: • Eisteddfod Abergynolwyn • Abergynolwyn Duck Race • Party in the Park • Talyllyn Railway events • Family coffee mornings • Abergynolwyn Carnival • Abergynolwyn Show • Fireworks Party

Please give details of any support you have from your local community
Funding for the play area comes from: i) Gwynedd Council ii) additional direct taxpayer funds iii) community group funding Examples are: iii) Funding of £1,000 for the Children's Play Area from Abergynolwyn Show, 2017/18 ii) In 2016/17 a shortfall of £2600 for running costs of the Children's Play Area and associated infrastructure (public toilets and winter salt bins) was raised at a public meeting with local residents, who agreed to pay extra on their Council Tax. For 2019/20, Gwynedd Council via the Community Council has allocated a total of £4,995 towards the £9,995 needed for flooring.

How big is your community? And how many people will benefit from your project?
Although the estimated population of Abergynolwyn is 239 (Eryri Local Development Plan, May 2017), it is estimated that 330 children alone will attend the events listed in Section 2. If their families are taken into account, then we estimate 330 adults would also benefit directly, totalling 660 people.

Tell us what you intend to spend the money on.
The project of revitalising community interaction in Abergynolwyn requires bringing the central part of the Children's Play Area to a safe and modern standard. An annual audit and safety assessment of the play area is undertaken and the safety risk associated with the flooring is increasing, due to its age and deterioration. Tiles are beginning to lift, ultimately creating trip and impact hazards. While repairs can be carried out, this is expensive and unsustainable, and new flooring under the multifunctional climbing frame is required to bring the whole area to a modern standard. Without this work, the Community Council and local Community Groups are not comfortable encouraging increased use of the play area, accelerating the rate of deterioration. The project involves substantial voluntary activity from local community groups, but cannot succeed without capital funding to replace the flooring. The funds are therefore required which comprises the following work: • Lift and remove old tiles • Ensure integrity of existing base • Lay black rubber flooring • Liaise with community council on quality and timing Total costs are £9,995, of which £4,995 have already been secured from Gwynedd Council.

When and why was your project founded?
This project began in 2017 when safety risk issues were identified with the flooring in the play area. It is part of a wider project which has included picnic seating and increased community activities. The playground dates back to 1955 with donation of land from the local landowner (see image).

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