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the margaret kane canal boat project

Fund applied for: £5,000

Location: Lancashire

137 votes so far

Project description

Describe your project
the wide beam residential canal boat takes families with a child with extra needs an a respite break on the lancaster canal, the boat has wheelchair access with lift and facilities the boat is staffed by volunteer skippers and crew. the holiday break is usually 4 days. we also do day trips for groups such as MS society, stroke victims etc.

How will your project benefit your local community?
the local community as well as further afar benefit from this unique boat on the canal, individuals and groups are not usually able to get on a boat,its relaxing and therapeutic for many

Please give details of any support you have from your local community
we rely on donations from local shops and small businesses, we usually raise £2,000 from this funding

How big is your community? And how many people will benefit from your project?
on average between 150 and 200 people have an experience on the boat

Tell us what you intend to spend the money on.
we have recently spent all our reserve on a new central heating boiler, (£3,400) and now we need running costs as well repairs, replace bouyancy aids, bedding and a new cooker

When and why was your project founded?
in 2007 margaret kane left her house in a will to a charity, she was a nurse and wanted the value of the house help young people in need, the boat cost £110,000 in 2007 it was internally refurbished in 2017.

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